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    First there were the high quality and high resolution, then the entries were in the videos, and now, all indications are already being experimented with video in three dimensions in the online video site more popular. This idea seems to be one of the engineers working on the site, who has decided to apply the 3D sensation that we all know through a stereo player. Of course everything is at a very early stage, and the engineer is dedicated to this in his spare time, but if the idea is likely to thrive we can use those cardboard glasses that came in cereal boxes to watch videos on YouTube.

    We can see them on film, you can also see them through video games, and recently mentioned that they may be captured even in photographs, but the three dimensions are something that is being mentioned more and more into the multimedia environment. If you have a pair of 3D glasses or have you thought about making them yourself (not as difficult as it sounds), there is the possibility of using them in the near future, not least in the most popular videos on the Internet. YouTube has incorporated several features from its inception, one of the most important inclusion of video in high quality and / or high definition, but the 3D support for videos would be an addition rather than interesting.

    The manager is one of many engineers working on YouTube. Taking advantage of their free time, decided to begin experimenting with a stereo player that delivers the observer characteristic 3D effect that can only be assessed with these glasses. Besides being able to watch a video in 3D, have also placed some options to specify what kind of glasses you have. Remember that not all the 3D glasses are equal. Some use the blue and red for the lenses, but it is something common to see colors like amber and Elcio in other models. Here is the video evidence, but the 3D effect can only be appreciated (at least for now) from the YouTube site:


    This is obviously something that is still very green, and depends entirely on the time of a developer. But maybe this will attract the attention of his superiors on YouTube, and more and more decide to apply the tests in bulk. For a while many thought that the 3D effects were in a very exclusive spot to be reached by ordinary users, but with games, movies, pictures, and now the possibility of the videos on YouTube, seems much closer for all. Now, where I left my glasses ... Jimmy Neutron?


    *What you need to do is add this to your video's tags abd it will be in 3D yt3d:enable=true*
    I used this video as a test

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    Sounds interesting. I read in a paper the other day that they're making TV screens with can project 3D images without the need for the glasses. Apparently it's incredibly expensive technology though.
    Not really sure what the fuss is though, I've never thought the 3D effects in movies were particularly good.
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