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    Im sorry if this question has been asked, and im sure it has with the wave 4 going off,

    I have a spare ms28 drive and in my 360 i have a lite-on drive, i have the key's for the lite-on drive so can i use these keys + 1.61 Samsung firmware on my ms28 drive and replace my lite-on drive? will this have any issues?

    Thank you for your help and again im sorry if this has been answered.
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    The question has been asked but spoofing drives is something worth knowing so no worries. Only issues you might face are if the MS28 is not doing so well. I assume you have any keys you need from the MS28's original xbox.

    You can do it quite easily (I taught a few real world friends how to the other day) but as was just mentioned you need to spoof the drive to make the 360 think it is a liteon drive, these days it is trival.

    Jungleflasher is good for this.
    First step is open up the app and the first tab will be selected (you want this one)
    Load your liteon keys. Tell it not to autoload liteon firmware (it is no loss if you do not though).

    If it chimes up with stuff about the barcode data you can either enter it or you can ignore it.

    Next open the Samsung firmware with open target firmware (others reading, same idea for the drive you are to be putting in your 360)

    Press the big spoof source to target button. Under the DVD key it should come as spoofed as ..... (for my 7 series it is "PLDS DG-16D2S 7485").

    Press save to file. The rest should be obvious.

    Now you have a shiny new spoofed firmware flash it to your samsung drive as you would normally (remember if it is already flashed with iextreme 1.5 or higher some unlock code should be built in now and you can use it simply with jungleflasher rather than fiddling with things).
    Once done you can then just drop it into your 360 and bench the liteon drive for a while.
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    If you spoof the samsung drive correctly, it will work like a charm. [​IMG]
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    Aug 14, 2007
    Thanks for that, im sick of using that activate.iso and i want 1.61 on now.
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    The only thing you have to be weary of is that older drives (which Samsungs usually are - my 2 are almost 3 years old now) tend to be more worn down, so the laser might not last as long as you hope. In other words, when the laser finally dies, you'll either have to go to the effort of replacing the laser, or replacing the drive once again and repeating the spoofing process.

    With any luck (and, considering the statistical probability, it's quite "litely" (couldn't help it)), by then, LT for LiteOns will be available so you can simply swap back to it.

    Other than that, spoofing is fairly easy and straightforward, especially for Samsung and BenQs, so don't worry about it [​IMG]