360 Modding/ Flashing Options

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    I have had my 360 since day one and have had it replaced once due to RROD last year (one week before Halo 3 [​IMG] ) I have not bought a game since COD 4 and havent played my 360 for a looooong time. So I was just wandering if someone could give me a run down of what my options are for playing backups. Are there even any modchips? Also, if there are what are the price differences for flashing and modding, as well as the features. Thanks in advance. ANd sorry if this is not really the best place to get help with this stuff, but it seems the xbox modding scene is more confusing than the DS/GBA scene is, or maybe it's just me [​IMG]
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    Flash your dvd drive.

    First find out what dvd drive you have and search for a guide to flash it.