360 leaves me feeling suffocated...

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    I've owned and xbox 360 for some time now and I always, every once in a while, wish I had a PS3 because everything on there is so much more "loose" as I would say. Everything on the 360 can really only be played on that 360 with your gamertag. If you manage to move it all and or re download things you had before (which is already a task itself that can only be done once with teh help of an expensive harddrive and transfer kit and a memory card for saves) then you are required to always be online to play downloadable content even if you have also transferred your gamertag. It just doesn't feel right. The point I'm getting too is that you can really have a backup. Its like the difference between mp3 files and say dpg for the ds. Its not as compatible. With PS3 you can save everything to the hardrive, copy it to a memory card, back it up on the computer. Pretty much do whatever you want. I find it hard to express what I'm feeling about this but I tired to explain as much as I could. I just cant stand it. Was wondering if anyone else felt this way.
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    Err, what? You do know you can just upload all your licenses to xbox.com and transfer them that way incase you need to? As well as game saves, I believe.

    Not like you can just copy things over from PS3 to PS3 without paying for them.
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    Don't quite understand what you're saying. As long as you're using the original console it's from you can use your stuff logged in or not, even if you redownload it.
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    See this is what I mean, its hard to explain, what I'm mainly saying is that its not as easy to transfer stuff. Liek the PS3 uses memory cards that you can stick in the pc and stuff while the 360 doesn't let you do that.

    However I did not know about that License transfer tool so that helps.
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    I know what you are talking about

    everything is basically locked up, your not allowed to copy things without moving them
    you can just stick in USB drives
    its all proprietary
    you cant just stick a simple thing like an MP3 file on the the system either
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    I understand what your saying just it was wrote correctly. But whatever its a forum not an essay. I really know what you mean. When I thought my 360 RRoD I was panicking trying to backup data but I couldn't without having to buy something too pricey. Not to mention once I got a Live account instead of a regular account I couldnt transfer some of my saves or any of my achievements. I could have had nearly all achievments from Mass Effect but don't because I transferred the save file. grrr.
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    Is it possible to transfer saves from one console to another?

    (If I understand correctly, it's possible to do it with xbox.com?)
  8. Bob Loblaw

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    Yeah I hear ya. You just need any kind of memory card and even the main systems hard drive can be any laptop Hard drive the size you want. also you can put whatever you want on the hdd like movies.

    and despite what linki says you can transfer stuff you've bought from the store to 5 other ps3s for free. so say one of your friends gets warhawk you guys can download it on 5 other systems for free and all play together.
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    What do you expect? It's Micro$oft. [​IMG]
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    Leave, don't start a fanboy war. Everyone knows you are a ps3 fanboy.
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    Well, he is. But his comment this time wasn't really fanboyish.

    After the introduction of Trophy system, more saves are getting locked. They can't be copied in the first place or a save from other machine is not loadable. I don't think it's limited to games that has adopted trophies, but more on the PS3 firmware side's decision I believe.
    All this to prevent people getting unfair number of trophies, and in 360 achievement scores. As if they're really important in the first place.

    Allowing 5 machines to download from one purchase on PSN did more harm than good I believe. PSN forums (be it on whatever site) are infested with trades until admins decide to ban trades. GBATemp doesn't allow trading virtual content so you are just less exposed to PSN pirates here.
    Have you seen Tekken 5 DR and Siren boards?

    I used to like the fact I can share saves within my local profiles AND with other machines. Like, when I am logged in as my Japanese account downloading something from Japanese PSN but forget to switch over to my Canadian profile after queueing download, games will still load up saves from my Canadian profile.
    On Bladestorm I have maxed every single class, and someone wanted to try out the classes before he starts the game so I gave him my save and he picked his main class then started a new game.
    But besides that, I haven't experienced any content-copying-goodness.

    MS is more concerned about Marketplace security than the ability of users sharing purchased contents. I think that's a right thing to do from a business perspective. And to preserve people's gamescore integrity, saves are not transferrable (also happening to PS3 so Sony agrees on the necessity of anti-cheating)

    And as far as my understanding of PS3's file system goes, everything is encrypted with key unique to your console. So if you forcefully copy over contents using Linux, the chances are other PS3s can't decrypt it since their keys are different from yours.

    P.S. I thought Warhawk locks permission to one of the 5 users so if you purchase one and share it with your friend you two can't play at the same time?

    P.S.2. Too much PS3 talk I guess, I just wanted to bring people up to speed assuming people are familiar with 360 side already.
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    I guess I can see how this would annoy someone. But I honestly don't care, especially since I'm gettin all my games for free [​IMG]