360 Hardware Mod?

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    Oct 23, 2006
    Hope someone can help, I'm a bit confused here...!

    I've got a 360 Elite that's a year or so old, so we know it can be flashed with C4Eva's firmwares no problem.

    I was all set to get this done after the new dashboard comes out and there's no online reports of a massive meltdown [​IMG]

    Recently a mate of mine, who is the last person ever I would have expected to have a console modded (he works in the industry and has always been dismissive of flashcarts and my modded Wii) got his 360 fitted with some sort of drivechip or other hardware mod.

    He's got no idea what it's called or how it works (he's not technical and isn't interested in the ins and outs of how this sort of thing works.)

    All he knows is that it's a hard mod instead of any firmware flash, and he's saying that the hardware route is safer than iXtreme. Apparently the guy who carried out the mod has done flashes as well, and always recommends the hardmod.

    So my question is -- what sort of hardware fix has been done? Is there really any legitimate hardmod out there, and is it really any safer or more convenient than iXtreme? Or it the modder taking advantage of my mate's lack of knowledge and sending him up the garden path?
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    Yes there is a hardmod, it was made early on but surpassed long ago by flashing.
    There are also a few other tweaks and mods to aid flashing available but from what you say this was not what was done .

    Safer: modern firmwares can not be detected (as far as we know, any hard mod would also be susceptible and has likely not been updated as softmods overtook long ago), it is the games (bad dumps/burns) that cause issues.

    "always recommends the hardmod" see profiteering.
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    Oct 23, 2006
    Ahh great, thanks for the info mate.

    Sounds like it's definitely not a route I'd want to take for myself.

    Should I be alerting my mate to this and encouraging him to get his 360 flashed instead? If he's been sold a dummy I guess I have some sort of responsibility to tell him (?)