Gaming 360 connection to PC for streaming music in-game?

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Feb 28, 2009
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I got a new 360 and Sonic Unleashed recently, so far so good. Anyway, I was talking to my friends PeglegPolygonGrandmasterJimmyJimJimmy and Dr. MilkmantheTriagahadAngalosaxiphone on Skype, and PeglegPolygonGrandmasterJimmyJimJimmy told me about a feature of the 360 to stream Music from your PC while you are in-game, it would actually mute the in-game music and play yours, and we all know it'd be awesome to play a fast paced Sonic game to extremely slow and soft orchestral songs. Well, anyway, I got it set up so my 360 can read my PC's Media Center, and it even has a music library of songs from my PC that I can play over the 360's own Media Center... then, when I try to do the in-game music streaming, it can't connect to my PC. It doesn't even act like it's trying either. The connection only seems to work on Media Center, but there, I can play music and everything fine. I asked PeglegPolygonGrandmasterJimmyJimJimmy and Dr. MilkmantheTriagahadAngalosaxiphone, but neither of them could help, so I came here..

Anyone have any tips? My 360 is not modded at all, but is connected to the internet,and my PC is running Windows 7. If all else fails, maybe I can ask CG.

Update: Nevermind. I did absolutely nothing, but it works now. Why? I don't know.
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