360 charging cable schematics?

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    Update: I was in town and grabbed a couple to play with. I will see about producing schematics.

    Scenario: for my 360 I have 3 controllers, 2 wireless from various places and one wired that I fixed up (power wire had broken inside the cable).
    Sorting out rechargeable batteries or wasting alkaline ones is getting to be a pain so I want to wire it up.
    Alas MS see fit to charge me about £15 (about the price of a new DVD) for what I find is two half decent rechargeable AA batteries, probably 7 pence of "unnecessary" electronics, some fancily shaped plastic and a length of wire (even for a small run I doubt the BOM is more than £7 and if you ignore the batteries probably more like £1):

    I am also a cheap, lazy bastard with a respectable set of tools and a working knowledge of electronics. Looking at the schematics above and knowing MS and their intense dislike of third party peripherals ( http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/micr...360-peripherals ) "faking" a full on charge kit is too much like effort.
    I do have kits several available to me to poke with various probes if needs be but if I call my friends over games are in order rather than me reverse engineering their controller adapter, not to mention trying to find anything resembling programmable electronics devices at all let alone of a given part number would lead me to wonder if there is a secret embargo going on in/for the UK.

    If needs be I will slice up a cable, stick a 3V regulator in, wire it into the "battery" and call it a day but I have to believe there is a more elaborate way.

    Also if someone could source some schematics for various controller related things (the best I could find was that link up there) it would be appreciated.