360 Bluetooth earpiece question

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    So I see that Microsoft recently released a bluetooth version of their wireless earpiece there, which sounds nice, even though I kinda miss how the original used a nice, big earclip so that it didn't need any ear-penetrating thing for the speaker. So... couple of questions, if I may to anyone that has this bad boy...? :)
    • Does this earpiece go in the ear, or rest against it? I saw that it at least had a clip to help it stay, but I usually can't even handle a conversation without those in-ear ones causing me physical pain. :cry:
    • How well do one of these pair up with a cell phone? it would be nice to have that double-duty...
    • Finally, does it come with some kind of bluetooth adapter for the controller?
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    Oct 11, 2011
    2 of me mates have it and they swear it's far better then anything else.
    They come with a a earclip ;]

    Hum.. I have no clue tbh not I think just turning it on and letting it connect whilst searching for it on your phone...

    Nope, it's connected with to the ROL board with RF technology.
    The "Bluetooth" of it is just to connect it to other devices.
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    I hated mine. (Black one.) Just because it was uncomfortable, and I have to go above my normal voice to have it pick it up.