3 Questions, #1 Best way to load off SD card, #2 Trimming ISO, #3 roms

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    #1 What is the best backup loader to use to load wii games off a SD card? I have a 16gb Nintendo SD card which has all my ModMii files and where the Wii loads the homebrew channel off of. Can I still use it store/load games?

    #2 I usually don't trim ISOs because of the risk of compromising the game and wasting a DVD. How many people trim ISOs and has anyone had any problems trimming ISOs using WiiBackupManager? also once you burn an ISO onto a DVD you can't really use any leftover space to burn additional ISOs. As far as I know Backup loaders don't let you scroll through multiple ISOs on 1 DVD.

    #3 When I first softmodded my wii I added the SNES and GBA emulators and they worked fine. Since everything worked properly I went ahead and d/l more games but for some reason none of them would work. Both SNES and GBA emulators would either freeze at a black screen after the menue screen or before the emulator even loaded to the menue screen