3-pin, 4-pin, what?

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    Okay, here's the deal.

    Currently looking at some different fan replacements for the xbox 360, as my current Elite has been getting a bit louder since I last remembered it being, and want to start looking now before it's obviously too late.

    In one of the sites that I do shop for stuff like this from, there was mention about whether the console had 3-pin or 4-pin for its fan connector, and to check accordingly... well, the problem is that the fans didn't exactly list whether they were 3-pin or 4-pin either. [​IMG]

    Having recently taken apart mine, I at least know it is a 3-pin. Would prefer no LED's, or at least none as freakishly bright as the ones on the front of my computer case. [​IMG] As always, I prefer to avoid eBay as much as possible; I simply don't trust it and basically have to rely on blind faith to whether I'd get what I actually ordered or not. Ideally, I'd want a seller that is listed on ResellerRatings, too.