3.71 M33-3 and new popsloader

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  1. skarthebloodchild

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    Jan 13, 2004
    Dark Alex made it again!!!!!

    3.71 M33-3


    - 3.71 M33 1 or 2


    Copy the update folder to /PSP/GAME/UPDATE and run it.


    - Fixed a bug in access to flash by usb.

    - HEN core: kernel prx's with syscall exports work again.

    - PSP Slim: programmers can set the size of user memory to 52 MB by using a sfo flag.
    Check sample in sdk for usage.

    - March33 NO-UMD driver:
    * Fixed a bug that could hang the psp when exiting with home.
    * Fixed compatibility issue with Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, and maybe more games.

    - Vshmenu: it wasn't displaying properly with psp slim TV-OUT due to the change of resolution.

    Included with the release is a new version of popsloader:


    - 3.71 M33-3 or higher (until sonye makes it not to work again [​IMG]).
    It won't work in prior versions of 3.71 M33, because it needs a function from 3.71 M33-3.


    - Support for 3.71 and 3.72 pops has been added. Note that 3.71 however will not appear in the
    list in 3.71 M33 as it is not necessary.

    List of files needed for each version:

    3.00-3.03: kd/popsman.prx, kd/meaudio.prx, kd/pops.prx, vsh/module/pafmini.prx
    3.10-3.30: kd/popsman.prx, kd/pops.prx, vsh/module/pafmini.prx
    3.40-3.72: kd/popsman.prx, kd/pops.prx, vsh/module/pafmini.prx, vsh/module/libpspvmc.prx

    The files must be decrypted. (use square in psardumper). Support for encrypted&packed files is planned
    for the future.

    link : http://www.dark-alex.org/371m33-3.zip
  2. BoneMonkey

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    YAY !
  3. VVoltz

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    Nov 6, 2002
    About the pooploader... err.. I mean poploader, that is the file to conver PSX games en eboots for the PSP right?
  4. Jiggah

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    Nov 9, 2002
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    No, it's the Sony PSX emulator that is all. If you want to convert PSX games then you have to find a converter like PSX2PSP.

    Let me clarify that. Popsloader allows you to use older versions of the Official Sony emulator used on the PSP and in the case of the newest popsloader even ones from higher firmwares. You can play on the 3.72 pops on 3.71. Oh and supposedly 3.72 has a disk changing option, but there some identifier as to what games can be changed that no one has really figured out yet.
  5. jchen

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    I have a question, i know the update folder is for updating to 3.71 m33-3, but what do i do with the sdk folder and
    seplugins. This is my first time updating (someone helped me with cfw) so im kind of unsure.
  6. chuckstudios

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    Jul 19, 2006
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    North Carolina, USA
    sdk is for developers.
    seplugins is to use popsloader, but you need files from 14 different firmwares to set it up. (took me over an hour)