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    PLEASE NOTE: I was able to do the following process by removing and formatting the sdcard in the psvsd!!! meaning i lost all games/saves/plugins etc!! I didn't care much for old save files and wasn't playing anything currently so this wasn't that big of a deal, if you're in the same boat and are hesitant going forward with your current setup without messing things up please read on :)

    Hey gbatemp!

    I recently upgraded to 3.65 enso (through h-encore) on a 3g 1000 vita with spheresolid's psvsd (128gb sd card)/usbmc and had a lot of trouble finding a specific guide for psvsd users as anything i could find in regards to psvsd followed an older guide not available anymore? so i thought it'd be good to make one here showing my steps to help out anyone coming back! and some other misc things i learned afterwards.

    apologies in advance, I'm a new user so i can't make any direct links yet ;_;

    ------ so this will start assuming you're on henkaku 3.60 enso, using a psvsd with a micro sd card as the only storage on your vita through yifanlu's usbmc
    the only extra things you'll need is an official sony memory card and an adapter for a micro sd card so you can format your current micro sd on your compy.
    the only extra thing software wise i downloaded was qcma. not sure what it did but i did have it installed.
    Side note: unless you want to use your current psn account to link with your vita in a step later on, make a new throwaway account now. one that you don't mind linking with a henkaku vita
    ( I don't know the risks of linking a psn account while on cfw and using nps and the like so i just made a new one for safety!)

    For the process we'll be following the current guide on - vita.hacks.guide =

    1: so first follow on this page vita.hacks.guide/updating-to-3.65-(henkaku)
    going straight to section III -Uninstalling enso (We can skip section 1 and 2 as we'll be formatting the microsd card anyways)
    Pretty simple, just follow the steps, and uninstall enso.
    when the system reboots you should have lost the usbmc access and it'll be just the standard empty vita screen, but go ahead and turn off the vita.

    : open the vita up and remove the psvsd mount and card, close up the vita again and put in a sony vita mem card then turn on the system.
    you might get some messages about either the mem card or a message about the mobile network not working etc, don't worry about it just hit ok and continue on.

    3: go into the normal settings --> format --> Restore the system. you'll get some messages about formatting the system and you'll also get a message to format the memory card also, say yes! format the memory card as well!!
    we're doing this so we can link a psn account to the system during the initial console setup to bypass the need to update to the latest firmware to link an account!

    4: so the console will reboot or you turn it back on after it formats everything. either way, once back on you'll go through the initial setup screens for the ps vita! I remember at this point getting messages about the mobile network not working or something because the 3g module (psvsd in this case) is removed, but just keep going it'll be fine.
    the system should give you an option to sign in to a psn account, DO THIS!! it'll set up the wifi and after you sign in it's all good! watch the funky opening vita video.

    5: now that a psn account is linked, we can go on to updating to 3.65!
    follow the guide from the start here vita.hacks.guide/updating-to-3.65 at section I - DNS configuration
    not much to say here, just follow every step to a T and you should be on 3.65(henkaku compatible)! at the end of the page click the link to installing h-encore
    (again, you might get messages about the whole mobile network not working or whatever unfortunately it won't stop until usbmc is back! -_-0

    6. so on this page vita.hacks.guide/installing-h-encore
    before going to the steps, under required reading, there will be "What you need" the latest version of finalhe. the word "finalhe" will be a link so go ahead and click it
    it should take you to github showing *currently* final H-encore v1.5, the only thing i downloaded was the FinalHE_v1.5win32.7z file. download it, unzip it and have it ready.

    7. after you have finalhe downloaded, follow section I - DNS configuration exactly, then go on to section II- finalhe

    8. so section II- finalhe, this is why we needed to restore the vita to factory to link a psn account!
    so follow the guide as it says, open up the finalhe app on your comp and have it open. the next steps

    1. Launch the Content Manager application on your device
    2. Select “Copy Content”
    3. Select “PC”
    4. Select the method you wish to use to connect to finalhe
      • If you are prompted to log-in to a PlayStation Network Account, do so
      • If you do not have a PlayStation Network Account, create one
    5. Select / register your computer if prompted
      • If you encounter a message instructing you to update, reboot your device and try again
    since we linked a psn account already you should be good on that part,
    now where it says " If you encounter a message instructing you to update, reboot your device and try again"
    this did happen to me! so don't worry about it and follow the guide, reboot and try again. luckily for me it only took one reboot so i can't say much what the procedure is if it takes more than that.

    theres also this part - If your device is not detected over USB on Windows, install QcmaDriverWinsub and try again,
    as mentioned at the top, i already had qcma installed so not sure what this is about but the guide is pretty solid so follow any instruction it gives if you're having problems!

    9. so if all goes well you should be able to connect your vita to your pc and the finalhe program should show that you're connected,
    again, just follow the guide, section III - h-encore transfer.
    click the link at the end to configuring h-encore

    10. if everything went will with the last step, you should have an h-encore bubble!
    were on vita.hacks.guide/configuring-h-encore
    so just follow the guide for sections I and II
    skip over section III as were going to be installing enso!
    under the long section III should be Methods click the link to installing enso

    11. now on vita.hacks.guide/installing-enso-(3.65)
    again, not much to say, you're installing enso again! open vita shell, make a vpk folder, put the enso vpk there and run it, etc.
    at this point i stopped using the guide, your vita is now setup on 3.65 henkaku and installing enso is easy enough, no need for the guide.
    i will note that the guide puts the enso.vpk in the data folder and installed it but i just went with my old setup and made vpk folder and put enso there.
    also, the enso.vpk i used was downloaded directly from the ensohenkakuxyz site
    but now you're finally on henkaku enso 3.65!!!!!
    all that's left is to get the psvsd back in and working!

    12. finally on to getting the psvsd working,
    so get the microsd card you're going to use with psvsd, put it in your comp and format it ;_; (goodbye old saves!)
    also, im using a 128gb sandisk card and used 64kb for the allocation size. not sure if that changes anything or helps/hurts but just thought I'd mention it.

    after thats done, put the sdcard back in the psvsd and then open your vita back up.
    (don't forget to take the sony mem card out first before opening the vita!)
    put the psvsd in, close the vita, put the sony mem card back in, you've done this before on 3.60 so it should be easy.

    13. so this is where i was really conflicted as to what to do with the psvsd, use storagemgr or usbmc??
    after a lot of reading i just went with usbmc since it's what i know and i read something about the 3g missing message showing up still using storagemgr and i don't know if thats true or will happen but usbmc is what i know.
    also something to mention, on yifanlu's github page for releases yifanlu/usbmc/releases
    the two most recent releases are v5 and v6.
    i went with v5! there were a couple comments mentioning v6 being weird with users on 3.68, we're on 3.65 but i didn't want to chance any hassle -_-;; and v5 works just fine!
    but whichever you choose make sure you're using either v5 or v6! as those are the only two updated for 3.65+

    14. so now that you have the psvsd back in, (make sure you still have the sony mem card in at this point as well)
    turn the vita on and go to vitashell.
    get the usbmc installer vpk in and install it.
    open the usbmc bubble and install.
    after the first install, reopen the bubble and install again to use usb as main memory and choose to copy over everything, not just vitashell/molecular.

    15. with the console off after the 2nd install, remove the sony mem card, turn the vita on and you're finally on 3.65 enso with your psvsd!!!!


    a couple important extras in case you forgot,

    don't forget to press start at vitashell, and tick over "usbdevice" to psvsd! i think it's set to something else by default.

    in vitashell, go to ux0:tai and delete the config file there.
    no need to worry about it. as with usbmc, any skprx files will be put in ur0:tai, and the ur0:tai config file only will be modified.


    and that should be everything! everything else is up to you!

    the only thing i've noticed that's different in 3.65 henkaku is that undubbed games don't work properly?
    I've only tried the persona 4 undub but others don't work as well.
    to get it to work you need rePatch.
    it's pretty simple, just download the skprx put it in tai, put in a line in the ur0tai config and instead of putting the game patches in ux0:Patch, make a new folder in ux0:rePatch
    and put them in there. and in the games patch folder delete the sce_sys folder.
    downloaded the repatch here dots-tb/rePatch-reDux0/releases/tag/2.70 (github)
    and followed the info here TheRadziu/NoNpDRM-modding/wiki (still can't link! it's github.com/)
    got P4 undub working fine afterwards.

    anyways, thanks for reading and i really hope this was of use to you guys!

    and big thanks to theFLow, yifanlu,spheresolid, celesteblue and everyone who helped make all this magic possible, you guys are awesome!!!
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    ohh might have a bit of read when i have time , thank you
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