3.55 with TNV and ARK installed - No More QCMA, Open CMA or CMA

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    Many of you will have this problem, too, well I'm back with a solution.

    1. Connect your PS-TV or PSP Vita to your network like you did before, but you won't be using Qcma, Open CMA or CMA
    2. Open up "Ark", and run the "FTP CLIENT"
    3. Run your FTP program from your computer, I used "WS_FTP_PRO"
    4. Add the "" or whatever its called as the "Host Address", use anonymous login and port 21 (example just use for host when creating a new ftp site)

    All you need to do now is just delete any files you don't want or drag and drop your new .cso or .iso game images for your psp in the right folders, for example I added a .cso game in the "ISO" folder.

    (Qcma and vita update blocker do not work. Open Cma and Cma ask for updates so this is my only option to add just a few more psp games to my already full memory card on the ps-tv ... Summon Night 5 in full english came out a few months ago, now's a good time to get it)
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