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    Aug 28, 2018
    Hope this is the right place to post this... So, I bought a digital copy of pokemon alpha sapphire and made a save, a few weeks later I decided to let my sister play cause shes never played one of the newer pokemon games. I put in a separate SD card downloaded the game again on it and let her play only to find out about hidden save values... When I put in "my" SD card, the game says "The save data is not compatible with the version, so it can't be used." So does the hidden data value hide on your nintendo profile and when I re-downloaded it updated and erased the old value, Shouldn't it have made two separate values between the SD card games? Anyways is there a way to make it so we can both still play our saves regardless of some process I'll always have to do before hand, and will both of us still be able use online features and not risk ban? I read around about JKsavemanager and deleting the values and such but I don't want to do anything yet till I'm sure. If not is there a way to still retrieve and play my save when my sister is done with the game.
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    The one you read about using jksm. . Use it. No other workaround is possible unless you have 2 ds's

    You'll have to create one save. Export with jksm then start s new game get the other save but make sure the saves are correctly labeled and it use jksm to import and export the saves.
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