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    Mar 19, 2008
    Well, since i always liked GFX hacking i'd like to start on the DS. (For example translating menus from JUS, or Daigasso Band Bros., etc.) BUT, i have a few questions.

    Most of the sprites are in BIN format, so, is there a way to edit them? (Tahaxan can extract BIN's from Kirby Squeak Squad, but that's all...). Also, ntft format is also viewable in Tahaxan (BUT ONLY THAT!) i want to know hot to extract and INSERT (mostly this) on a DS game. If this is not possible i'm willing to bus my ass on tile editing, but i need other prgram than TILE MOLESTER (wich sucks for DS games).

    Help would be aprecciated.
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    I pulled apart JUS menus a while back and they were assembled from repeated tiles (see old title screen hacking guides) and I seem to recall they were bios compatible (vram safe) LZ compressed.

    Tahaxan is about as high level as it gets but you could try crystaltile2 (there was a thread around here recently but I suggest you read the whole of the ones you find, it is not "game specific" like Tahaxan but it is geared to the DS).

    .bin files can be anything and in any format the devs so desire which means you are stuck reverse engineering them.