2D Cinematic Animated Adventure ‘Forgotton Anne’ Release Date Announced

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    Having stunned gamers at events and expos throughout 2017 with its crisp, anime style, I've had my eyes on the 2D cinematic adventure Forgotton Anne for a while now. The game is being published in collaboration with Square Enix Collective which has provided a release date today!

    A new trailer has been released today on the occasion of the release date reveal:

    “As anyone who was able to catch Forgotton Anne throughout 2017 will know, this is one of the best, most striking looking games we’ve ever put out,” offers Phil Elliott, Director Indie Publishing at Square Enix West. “This isn’t just an adventure that looks like an anime, it’s anime in full, fluid motion. We simply cannot wait to get this beauty into the hands of gamers - it’s a story as delicate and engaging as the world it plays out in.

    Forgotton Anne will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 15th 2018.

    :arrow: Forgotton Anne Official Website
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  1. Sonic Angel Knight

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    Reminds me of Indivisiable :ninja:
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  3. Sonic Angel Knight

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    Hmm, I have a ouya, never saw this game, also kinda surprised there is a review for that system, I assumed no one liked it. :unsure:

    But it still reminds me of Indivisable, the 2D platforming gameplay at least, and the art. :ninja:
  4. Eix

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    I want
  5. europat

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    Forgotten Switch :(
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  6. epickid37

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    I read it as "forgotten anime" and got really excited. Way to let me down gbatemp