27c3- Console Hacking 2010

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    27c3- Console Hacking 2010
    Talk on console hacking.

    The console hacking 2010 talk at 27C3 has now finished. The talk promises to cover what has gone on in the console hacking world this last year or two- JTAG hacking on the 360, lots on the PS3, the state of the wii and the DSi as well. It is streamed live ("slides", WMV, H264 and streaming OGG audio are available although having some troubles) and downloads (streamdumps) should be available shortly after with proper videos at some point later- depending on how it plays out we here at GBAtemp might sort some downloads too.

    [​IMG] Countdown timer (We suggest you try to get a connection sorted 15 or so minutes before the event).

    [​IMG] Talk outline

    [​IMG] Streams (you want Saal 1)

    There are flash based options on the link above but if your chosen video player is having problems with streaming video we highly suggest VLC
    A portable version is available for those that do not wish to install anything.

    [​IMG] Discuss (link to original 27C3 thread)
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