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    Mar 4, 2011
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    so i have a device that is a handheld it works the same as a ez-flash or super card sd where it shows what roms you have on the sd card then when you choose one it will flash it to the cart and run the game

    problem is its annoying to have to do this every time i want to swap a game on this handheld

    a friend of mine told me there was a program he used for his 256mb flash cart he had where you could add roms and it would create a .gba file and he could flash it to his 256mb flash cart and it would work like a multicart

    he can't remember what the program was called

    would anybody here know the name or something like this ?

    i did fine one to make gb/gbc game multicart to .gba but nothing for gba roms
  2. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    I am not sure what cart your friend would have had but I can see a few old school flash carts working that way as a cart specific thing.

    For the general case then not going to happen as a simple software tool. We did have some threads going more in depth last time this came up if you want but the short version is for the GBA barring some of the GBA videos then the entire ROM appears in memory, and could jump to parts of it whenever it likes (three different areas at that for the cart), have maths done to figure out where it is going next and other such things. The would be hacker gets to figure out each and every such jump around the place, which for systems like the GBA could be anywhere (NES stuff might run commonly run levels 1 through 8 and credits or death but the GBA had a bit more going on). Such things are far greater an aggravation than "buy a good flash cart" or "get a good emulator" so unless the game already comes as a multicart then don't expect much.
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    Jul 17, 2014
    was this tool by any chance called "pogoshell"?

    It's what I used on my Flash2Advance 128M cartridge back in the day and I do believe it also worked on 256M cartridges.

    You could add GB, NES and PCE roms to it as well and have them be launched in the pogoshell plugin versions of their respective emulators.

    You could also add images and view them or read txt files.
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