2500 N64 Roms to be exact

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    I have asked many questions as to why people only put the original name of the ROM.
    Super Mario 64 Works...

    What about all the other 27 Super Mario 64 Roms? Some may be better than the rest. I have asked numerous people why don't they split thier charts into each format?
    I have found over 2500 N64 Roms, and I am currently going through 460 right now so compare and contrast each one another.
    I have created a site for my research, and if you have allready tried these, let me know what format (.n64, z64, or v64) and the outcome of the rom. (send to Wii64Gameboy@yahoo.com) and I will add them to my registry.
    I have only started on this website last week. But have 63 games I went through today and tested the outcomes.

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  3. dracbat59

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    I know all of these sites, but the main thing is that they don't explain EXACTLY which Rom of the game it actually is.
    This is what I am trying to accomplish
    Find all the ROMS for that game, and compare and contrast every single Rom to each one and determine which one is the better one.
    All I see on this page is Super Mario/Yes/ Playable.
    This is what mine is looking like:
    Super Mario 64 (E) (M3) [!].
    Super Mario 64 (J) [!].
    Super Mario 64 (E) (M3) [b2].
    Super Mario 64 (E) (M3) [t1].
    Super Mario 64 (E) (M3) [h1C].
    Super Mario 64 (U) [t3].
    Super Mario 64 (E) (M3) [b1].
    Super Mario 64 (U) [h2C].
    Super Mario 64 (J) [h1C].
    Super Mario 64 (E) (M3) [t2].
    Super Mario 64 (U) [b2].
    Super Mario 64 (U) [b1].
    Super Mario 64 (E) (M3) [o1]
    Super Mario 64 (U) [h1C]
    Super Mario 64 (U) [T+Rus]
    tell me which one works better than the other?
    (minus the hacked versions) then that will be the exact one that everyone is looking for.
    It's going to be extensive, but I have come across games where they say they don't work, but roms I am going through do.
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    Those are all the same games, the only difference is the headers usually. So if one works they all work, and if one of those dont work its probably due to bad data
  5. Aurora Wright

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    Aug 13, 2006

    I found it googling for "rom tags" [​IMG]

  6. dracbat59

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    But how come when you see that users will put down that a game does not work, whereas I went through all of those and found the one that works.
    1080 Works
    Airboarder works
    Diddy Kong Racing Works
    Doom works
    the only one that I saw that narrowed it down was Perfect Dark
    Perfect Dark Dynamic Recompiler 65-120% 3D issues. Menu layering. Sky. Yes Crashes in 1st mission. Combat simulator ok. Use (U) (v1.0) ROM.
    But this chart and many others say that they do not work. It's because they have the WRONG ROM.
    Thanks Davi 92 for that list. It makes it easier, but still more than one may be better than the other. I found that N64 Renamer Tool, I guess people don't care what it's called so they will just make it the actual game name and skip all that the ROM had in the filename prior.
  7. YayMii

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    Well, just to let you know, the ROM with the [!] in it is supposed to be the best dump.
  8. chop

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    Apr 14, 2010
    Plus once they update the Emu the list will be obsolete.
  9. RupeeClock

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    Um, no.... when they update the emu, the list be have to be updated to reflect the latest version, or add notations that specify which version of the emulator it was last tested on.
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    Damn man.... that sounds like a massive waste of time lol! [​IMG]
    Like YayMii said, the [!] is the best dump (for that region etc), so basically everyone should use those versions... if they don't then that's their problem.
    Still, if you wanna waste your life away trying out 20-odd different versions of Mario 64 (and let's be honest, a good 'test' would involve at least an hours try per version) then by all means! I seriously do not see the point though, and like chop says, what happens when you''ve spent hours and hours of testing, then beta3 gets released? You gonna go through them all over again?!?
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    just wait wii64 isn't worth using IMO hardly anything good works or it's incredibly slow.