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    lol, don't feel ashame using this faqs if you speak English. Anyways, if you have something like this and you would like to contribute the faqs, please feel free to post it here.

    [EMPEROR] Final Boss

    Question Level > 5 five
    Chapter > 6 six

    Note: I'm not sure if this is all the questions and answers to these quizzes, however I'm assuming it's most of them.

    1st set of Quiz:
    (write in the missing letters to complete the sentence.
    There are either a few or many missing letters to the sentence.)

    My bicycle needs repairing.

    What's wrong with it?

    The bell and the light are broken.

    Also the seat was stolen.

    Could you turn down the air-conditioning?

    I'm freezing.

    That's because you wear light clothing.

    I'm trying to practice "Cool Biz".

    May I ask something about my reservation?

    How can I help you?

    I reserved a a flight for Tokyo.

    Do I need to reconfirm my reservation?

    Come to the counter on the day you can fly, too.

    I saw you sleeping during the whole class.

    You were saying numbers in your sleep.

    I was studying math in my sleep.

    2nd set of Quiz:
    (touch & combine buttons of word/s to make a sentence.
    There are 5 correct buttons out of six.)

    do / you / have / the / time / ?

    yes, / it's / a quarter / past / ten / .

    oh no! / I / had / an exam / at 10 / !

    what the heck / are / you / doing / here / .

    you / had / better / get / going / !

    how / did / your / date / go / ?

    we / both / had / a good / time / .

    Great! / I hope / you guys / get / along fine / .

    aren't you / supposed / to be / taking / a test now / ?

    what / are / you / doing / here / ?

    don't / you want to / go out / and / drink today / ?

    you're / done with / tests now, / too, / right / ?

    yeah, / I'm finally / free / from / hell / .

    then / let's / drink / until / morning / .

    I / heard / you got / something / great / ?

    yeah, / Takeshi / gave / it / to me / .

    3rd set of Quiz:
    (Touch correct follow-up answer.
    There are 4 possible correct answers for each statement.)

    Why does Jim get a hamburger and I don't?
    -First comes, first served.

    Is everyone here?
    -All but Tetsuya are present.

    How about the bangs?
    -Just a trim, please.

    What is the guestroom like?
    -It faces the ocean.

    What are you going to do on your trip?
    -Our plans are still up in the air.

    What did you buy?
    -I bought this scarf.

    When can I use this pass?
    -It's good as of April first.

    But dad, I don't want to go!
    -Enough is enough.

    Is it true?
    -Cross my heart!

    I heard from Jun that you broke up with him.
    -He has such a big mouth.

    Sarah is a good girl.
    -Yes, she is all heart.

    I'm so scared!
    -Pull yourself together.

    I'm going to go to a sleepover party.
    -Don't stay up late.

    by: Romruto
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