2009 Q1 Top DS Games Collab Video

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    Hey guys! Yep, it's me again! Since my last attempt at making a collaboration video with the Tempers here failed, I shall try again. This time, it's the top games of the first quarter of 2009, which are the games released from January 1, 2009 to March 31, 2009. You can review ANY game you'd like, as long as it is considered a decent game (no Poniez or Imagine:Stripperz though).

    If you are interested, please post which game you are planning to review (and PLEASE DO REVIEW IT) so I wont have overlapping reviews. If you really wanna share a game with someone else, you can split up the review into two parts: gameplay/graphics or something like that.
    Please do not "reserve" a review you are not going to do.
    Only post if you are 100% sure you can get the review done.

    So for the video make sure:
    -That it is between 1-2 minutes (or less). I am not expecting that many videos, but even if every video was 2 mins max, I could only have 5 videos combined (10 min limit on youtube). I can always do different parts so don't worry about the limit. Just try to limit the time. Viewers like informative but precise reviews :]
    -You can review it any fashion you like. As long as it is efficient (i.e. pictures + words/slideshowish, video review, etc) and includes info on the gameplay&graphics.

    I'm posting this early so you guys can have a bit of a head start. I'm not really planning to have all the reviews in by the end of Q1 (March 31st). And anyway, most of the top games are probably within the next weeks or so. But if you want to get started on a game that was released in Jan, then go for it :]

    The deadline is April 3th, 2009
    That gives you a little less than 3 weeks, but that should be way over enough to do a 1-2 minute review.

    Games being reviewed

    Oh, there's one small exception though. Since GTA is definitely one of the top games and I don't want this to be up for grabs for whoever call dibs first, I'm going to reserve it (not for myself). If you really insist on doing GTA, please send me a PM or something.