2008 Best Pic Oscar

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  1. Milk

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  2. Slumdog Millionaire

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  3. Frost/Nixon

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  4. The Reader

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  5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    Oscars are this weekend!

    Some of the categories are easy to predict (Ledger will win for Best SuppActor, for example), others... not so easy to predict. Rather than go through the whole ballot, I thought I'd focus on Best Pic.

    Who WILL and who SHOULD win for Best Pic?

    This year, Slumdog deserves to win, it really does. Great story with clever twists, Boyle does it yet again, beautiful cinematography, and the cast is phenomenal. (Side note: wtf is up with Boyle and disgusting toilets?)

    But... I think Milk's gonna take Best Pic for a coupla reasons, both related.[*]Hollywood shows solidarity with gays over Prop 8.[*]Hollywood makes up for Trash... oops. i mean, Hollywood makes up for Crash beating Brokeback for Best Pic a few years ago.If Milk wins Best Pic, Boyle wins Best Director. If Slumdog wins Best Pic, van Sant wins Best Director.

    (lol 2008 Oscars)

    edit: added more appropriate poll question