2006 NDS Homebrewcast Homebrew Awards Nominations

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    Jul 18, 2006
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    Hey guys, a pretty neat idea hit me last night. Why not have homebrew awards? Show out appreciation for all the devs do for us, and maybe find some homebrew we have never tried before. Well anyway, here are this year's categories.

    Best NDS Overall Homebrew
    Best GBA Overall Homebrew
    Best NDS Wi-Fi App
    Best NDS Offline App
    Best GBA App
    Best NDS Wi-Fi Game
    Best NDS Offline Game
    Best GBA Game
    Best NDS Demo/Beta
    Best NDS Port
    Best NDS Emulator
    Best GBA Emulator
    Best NDS Idea
    Favorite NDS Dev
    Favorite GBA Dev

    Now, here is an example of my vote in case you are wondering what some categories are. The most confusing is best idea. And that means an idea that was cool, but never worked out or was dropped. Best Demo/Beta means something that isn't complete, such as command and Conquer DS or that Zelda game.

    Best NDS Overall Homebrew - Comic Book DS
    Best GBA Overall Homebrew - (Sorry, don't pay attention to GBA Homebrew)
    Best NDS Wi-Fi App - Wifi Voice Chat
    Best NDS Offline App - Comic Book DS
    Best GBA App -
    Best NDS Wi-Fi Game - Omalone
    Best NDS Offline Game - MegaETK
    Best GBA Game -
    Best NDS Demo/Beta - NESDS WIP
    Best NDS Port - DoomDS
    Best NDS Emulator - NESDS WIP
    Best GBA Emulator - Goomba Color
    Best NDS Idea - LMP
    Favorite NDS Dev - Bronto
    Favorite GBA Dev -

    So yea, now how to vote. Just copy the categories and shoot em over to 2006HBA@homebrewcast.com. No need to have a certain subject, I don't care. You can vote for something more then once as I did, as long as it pertains to the category. No voting moonshell for everything just because you like it a lot.

    Now as for the prizes. The winners of Favorite Dev and Best Overall Homebrew(If they are the same person, then second or third will win) will receive a free homebrewcast.com URL and free hosting. In case they distribute their files through megaupload or something, now they can make it easier. The rest will receive a little custom photoshop badge for their site or for wherever(AWESOME PRIZE B-) .)

    So start voting, and spread the word! I want these awards to be as big as they can be! It would be nice if some big sites like GBAtemp and Maxconsole put this on the front page, so if anybody has a big site, try to get the word out!

    Nominations end January 13th, and the top 3/5(depends on the response we get) choices will be announced that day or a few days later, with the final results being on a special episode of the NDS Homebrewcast.

    To find out more about the Homebrewcast, go to http://homebrewcast.com [​IMG].
  2. MR_COW

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    Jul 18, 2006
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    PA, USA
    Oh come on, no votes from gbatemp users yet. Its easy, just email your nominations!
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    Dec 31, 2003
    It's tricky choosing between them, in the case of GBA stuff there's so much of it it's hard to say. And most of the stuff I know of is from before 2006 but here goes anyway:

    Best GBA Overall Homebrew: MakeBook (IMO it's the most useful)
    Best GBA App: Fight between MakeBook and GBA JPEG Viewer
    Best GBA Game: ClacQ, Paddle Panic or Herg's Solitare
    Best GBA Emulator: Can't say, I've only used one (VBA)