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  1. UltimaXtreme

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    Aug 25, 2013
    United States
    So I have 2 Wiis lying around and have suddenly become persistent in fixing at least one of them.

    The first Wii (I'll identify as D2E by the drive) has been broken due to a mistake on my part for downgrading. I can guess you'll all say "Why you downgrade?" since keeping the system menu it has should be fine. Being fair, I have found Homebrew stuff I use that doesn't like the 4.x firmware. It was updated without my hand thanks to that useless WiiConnect24 from 3.2 up to 4.2 and, in attempting to downgrade it via DOP-Mii, completely bricked it (without reinstalling BootMii).

    The other one (D2C here on) is busted by a friend and I don't have the whole story. What he says he did was modify a GameCube power cable and plug it into this one. Why he did it, I have no bloody clue, but either way, it's busted. I want to guess it was shorted out or something. No lights, no power, no nothing.

    Now my first idea is in regards to the power. Would there be a way to switch the power port from D2E into the one on D2C and get that one to work again? I don't know the schema of the motherboard, so whether there is something with the capacitors to switch around, maybe one's ruined. Not sure. It's a possible solder job that can be taken, but is something of a risk if they fail. That'll be two Wiis busted.

    The other option is to just flash the NAND of D2E. My reason otherwise for it is I don't have ANY of the backups for D2E... for some reason. Probably because it's always 512mb, which is half my SD card. I really have no clue how I don't have a single backup of the flash. I did discover I have keys.bin for it, so flashing it from another Wii's NAND backup could definitely be done. Problem is, I don't know if I want to invest over $100 for a single purpose (for me) repair tool that relies on several other tools to be relied on (and of course, using this whole guide of nonsense) for it.

    So my question lies on you guys. Would you guys happen to know anything about the connections with the Wii, or maybe which would be a better alternative? I've also provided some images of the two devices (with a DriveKey connecting to my single disc drive).
    2013-08-25 03.33.40.jpg
    2013-08-25 03.34.18.jpg
    2013-08-25 03.44.00.jpg

    I am truly inexperienced in this and have tried hard to find the answer alone, with little to no success. I can only hope you guys can help me. Thanks for anything you can provide.
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