2 sets of phono inputs into 1 output

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    I have my 360 next to my PC and it uses a VGA cable for screen output. Part of this cable is a spdif output and a stereo phono output. I use the phono outputs as I lack spdif capable speakers.

    The VGA uses a switching box so that is not a problem although there is a minor nearly aesthetic problem I explain later.

    The sound is a problem as I am primarily a lazy bastard but secondly one who likes their own music in a game. My PC speakers (powered, only stereo but since I wired in my old HiFi speakers in place of the things they came with they are great and for me 5.1/similar is pointless) have phono in and they use a 3.5mm to phono lead.
    Normally I have to swap the 360 and PC leads which is annoying and where this problem really starts.

    Earlier today I grabbed a £2 phono plate from Maplins that has 4 sets of phono plugs (each individual set sharing a common ground for each plug in the set)

    My ideal setup would be to have the two phono leads effectively dubbing one another (maybe 3 if I drag my hifi off the wardrobe) all going to my speakers (obviously I would lose a 3.5mm in favour of two male-male phono leads..
    As it stands I got another 3.5mm to phono (using the plate as a cheap coupler) and feed it in via my line in port on the PC which is probably a horrendous abuse of spec and while my PC is usually powered sometimes it is not so even then it is not ideal.
    The obvious wire them all together does not work as phono audio signals are superimposed over power which means it all effectively cancels out (actually it seems my PC out is more than the 360) and ignoring everything else I am not going to build signal hardware to bring it back. My next idea is diodes or something along those lines but I am not sure if I would rate my diodes for audio work (reverse bias leakage is probably enough to mess stuff up).
    Something of minor interest to this that I was reading:

    Also while only tangentially related but I have two monitors on my machine but switching the box causes an autodetection which then shuts one down leaving me with one monitor. I prefer having a "dark" monitor (think turning a screen off) and it is only a minor annoyance (ultramon can enable it again and reset toolbars with a double click). Thing is that is acted as I wanted it to the other week and I have no idea how it got that way or how I have subsequently lost it.
    It connected to the PC via the switching box and ultimately a male-male VGA lead which I have no qualms about slicing up if it is a simple circuit/resistance detection (not overly familiar with the VGA spec, probably not worth noting but it is DVI out on the card and I am using VGA adapters) and a software workaround is not going to happen (mainly windows XP, I will deal with linux and whatever else as and when I need to).

    Thanks to anyone who posts, I know I am probably overlooking something basic and would appreciate being told as such.