2 Rings Of Death Question

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    Hey all, quick Xbox 360 question to get everyone's 2 cents on.

    I bought my 360 (elite, 20 gig) back in November of 2007. The following November (2008) it gave me the 3/4ths of a circle RRoD and I sent it in to get fixed.

    Flash forward to last month when the system started giving me the half circle of death for overheating. Obviously I'm out of warranty at this point for everything but the 3/4ths RRoD.

    So here's my question: if there anyway for me to push this Xbox over the edge into a full Red Ring of Death so it's covered by Warranty? Obviously I'm looking for non-warranty breaking suggestions. My original thought was to not let the system cool down when it shuts itself off and, as quickly as it'll let me, turn it back on and wait for it to shut itself off again. I'm just not sure that'll actually do anything.
  2. Livin in a box

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    Wrap it in towels and leave it. I'm in the same boat, lol, I just have a Pro refurbished system. If you want to, you could put cotton buds in where the fans are to prevent them spinning and this causes 2 red rings, keep doing this an eventually the motherboard will warp (which is what the RROD is, essentially).

    Or, plug in your 360 into the wall socket on its own and switch the switch on and off. Quickly. You'll have RROD.

    Though it won't stay.
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    Talk about over heating i'm holding a hair dryer up on my xbox motherboard while typing this post with my right hand

    Edit: still holding the hair dryer lol. don't use the towel trick.
  4. The Pi

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    just cover the holes where the heat comes out

    if i remember correctly 3/4 ROD happens when a pin connecting the graphics card to the motherboard melts and disconnects

    had it twice
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    or just clean out the insides of the 360 and let it cool down. then it won't overheat.