2 psp dillemma

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  1. matt1freek

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    Nov 12, 2002
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    So here's the deal. got a Psp at U.S. Launch so it's a 1.5 never touched the firmware. so it's good to go with gaming goodness.
    I recently aquired a 2.60 FW psp from a friend and was wondering what i should do with it.
    Immediately i thought well if FF:crisis core etc. comes out w/ uncracked firmware i can just buy it for the 2.6+
    and not have to worry about losing 1.5.
    Then i thought i would really like to play some ad-hoc with a friend so maybe i should downgrade it to 1.5 and get another 1G + stick.
    So basically has anyone had any experience using the 2.6 downgrader?
    does the benefits outweigh the risk?
    I really don't want to brick the 2.6 as its my last hope for getting the upcoming ps1 emu or newer games working, without losing the freedom to run unsigned code.
    any help is much appreciated. [​IMG]
    oh and if its of any merit i have two ds's too.. stupid sexy revisions... [​IMG]
  2. ninjyas

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    Apr 22, 2006
    Downgrade it.

    The only good thing about psp to date is the emulators [​IMG]
    NeoGeo ftw !
  3. Shinji

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    If you've been keeping up to date with the scene, everythings possible now. Device Hook, learn it and love it
  4. Opium

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    Dec 22, 2002
    Downgrade it and use Devhook to emulate 2.6 or 2.71.

    But make sure the PSP isn't a TA-086 (or whatever) PSP, as they can not be downgraded, if you try it will be bricked.