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    Oct 23, 2002
    [​IMG] 0841 - Godzilla Domination USA 32 Mbits (Dumper)

    [​IMG] Pogotoolz 1.0 Released
    Costello released Pogotoolz 1.0 !!!
    - FEATURES -
    - 4 tools in 1: rom trimming, intro-removing, exithack-patching and exithack-unpatching - easy-to-use interface
    - only 1 click needed - supports multi-rom selection - multi-files drag'n'drop allowed - zip files support - customizable through the 'options' menu - saves automatically your customizations and options in an INI file - 'always on top' mode - useful option for 'dragging-and-dropping' files - output prefix. and suffix. easily modifiable through the main window - output name modifiable - you can test roms in list (before and after operations) to test if it works - cool and easy list management - progress-bar to see the...hum...progress - hidden easter-egg (when you'll have found it, write ur name here)
    To download it go here

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