2 Gamepads on the same Wii U: a possible feature never realized. What would you have liked to see?

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    So when Nintendo was first showing off the Wii U to the world, one of the features they eventually noted was the ability to connect up to 2 Wii U gamepads to a single Wii U, thus opening up the possibilities of the idea of asymmetrical gameplay even more. Of course that all being true, a second connected Gamepad would have cut the FPS that you saw in game, while one Gamepad cutting the FPS in say a game like Hyrule Warriors was annoying, it was still playable just fine, cutting it another time would have been too much for sure. So as such, you'd have to take into account that the games that Nintendo could have made couldn't have been too intensive, else 2 gamepads would never work. That all being the case, what realistically would you have liked to have seen from the never fully implemented feature (I'm sure a firmware update would have been needed to get a second gamepad connected).

    Here's a simple idea: a Pokemon Stadium like game, where you're doing a 1 on 1 battle with your friend, and all the moves and your party would be shown only on your gamepad so that your friend wouldn't know your full party or moves and likewise you wouldn't know that info for him either. Another Zelda 4-Swords Adventure type game would be great, though this would be limited to 2 people, both using the TV as the main map, but when you venture too far away from each other/enter a cave or whatever your character would then be on your Gamepad, just like Link would go from the TV to the GBA when playing 4-Swords Adventure on the Gamecube. It'd be great if you could have done 6-player local multiplayer (or 5-player for that matter) for Mario Kart 8, where the TV is split into 4 and the gamepads could accommodate one player each, but obviously that would be too much work for the Wii U and the FPS would have gone to shit. I'm sure some WarioWare or Nintendoland like multiplayer games could have been cooked up where 3 people all play differently with or against each other.

    Fact is, I can think of lots of little (but still great) ideas of what could be done with a second Gamepad, but none of them on their own, or even the sum of altogether would have been enough to really convince many Wii U owners that they should pay for a second Gamepad which wasn't cheap to begin with. Still, was their any game or idea you'd have loved to see the feature utilized for? If so what?
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    The WiiU struggled enough with 1 gamepad and 1 screen, and few people bought them so a lot of owners don't have friends with a WiiU with whom they could use 2 gamepads.

    With all that said, I would have liked to have a simple card game sim where your hand is revealed on the gamepad. It would also be cool to utilize the touch screen in order to create multiplayer stylus based games.

    Interesting things could have also been done with dual cameras and dual mics. I think the mic and cameras were totally underutilized even with 1 gamepad.

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    This could be done using homebrew with a bit of time.