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Mar 24, 2019
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It's true that there are people here on GBAtemp who admit to having pirated stuff before, but considering that GBAtemp has a "no warez" policy within their terms, I'd like to explain what kinds of songs and software are permittable to be shared on GBAtemp - this also applies to Discord and GitLab, too.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense, if you happen to break these guidelines and GBAtemp's terms, not only may you get removed from the group, you may also be banned from GBAtemp - so please read carefully!

Copyrighted Songs are a BIG NO!

Please refrain from posting customs that contain the original recorded song of any particular artist. This means:
  • No disc rips or song downloads should be included in ANY custom! As awesome as we would like to be able to download that rare AC/DC track as a custom song, don't rip your CD or download your MP3 and put the song in a custom-made file that's capable of being played on Rock Band titles. While it's okay to share custom-mad MIDIs and database info (even including the album art) that will go with an MP3 converted to MOGG, BIK, or other Rock Band compatible format, we do NOT recommend including the actual song within the custom - we recommend releasing it without the song and giving instructions (if needed) on how to add it in. Preview MOGGs are okay, though, so long as they don't exceed ten seconds.
  • NEVER share official Rock Band DLC or songs ripped from Rock Band discs/software! Not only could they potentially break another person's console, they are illegal to distribute, especially when they are still being sold. Those who are concerned about DLC that is no longer available should please join Discord to learn more about such DLC.
  • Covering songs are okay, so long as you have permission to do so. If you own a studio, or just like doing it from home, then it's okay if we hear you sing! You're welcome to post customs featuring your voices and instruments.
  • NEVER include any master tracks from original artists unless you have permission from the copyright holders, or you own the copyright. Want to sing the lyrics to No Quarter, but use Jimmy Page's guitar track? Ask his record label first.

Don't Share Disc Rips

I think @NewkTV learned the hard way that you don't give instructions on how to get Rock Band DLC to work and include the disc rip within a download link. I don't really have to say much on this - the Terms and Rules of GBAtemp pretty much say it for me. Basically, just don't include a disc rip of ANY Rock Band title, no matter in what form or file type.

Beware of Downloaders!

Unless provided by the Rock Band Customs Project, we do NOT recommend getting any Rock Band disc rips or DLC from places on the internet, or via torrent. Most of these places are shady, and downloading official Rock Band content that is being sold from anywhere but the Music Store and the platforms which Rock Band titles are available on are illegal and dangerous to your systems, as you likely have no idea what you're downloading to your computer. We also do not recommend any third-party software that downloads Rock Band related content unless approved by members of this project.

To hack Rock Band and still be legit, we encourage that you BUY THE ACTUAL SOFTWARE. Look in thrift stores or on Ebay and Craigslist for titles that you don't own, and consider buying the official DLC from the title's Music Store (if the songs you want are still available). Then, follow our guides to add unique hacks to Rock Band and custom content created by the community.

Third-party Sellers of Disc Rips and DLC are NEVER SAFE!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy from someone on some site that is selling what they claim to be legit disc rips of Rock Band and its corresponding content - IT IS ALWAYS A SCAM. Linking to such will also get you removed from this group, and may also get you in trouble with the moderators of GBAtemp - so don't do it!

Finally, Don't Ask for Official DLC

We can help you add back abandoned DLC if you have some that you downloaded from the NUS or elsewhere, but don't ask where to get copyrighted content, and don't link to such either. We try to minimize piracy as much as possible, so please be respectful and try not to mention where you got pirated content. Such links WILL be removed, and further posts of such may get you kicked from our group, or worse.
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