2.0 Ghz Q9000 vs 2.85 Ghz Core2Duo showdown

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Lodis, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Myself and a few others have been running some gaming benchmarks on our gaming laptops on the same OS which is Windows 7 X64, same game settings, same GPU drivers, same resolutions (1680 X 1050) etc with the only difference being the type of CPU compared.

    Most of the benchmarks we ran were using the built in ones found in some PC games as well as 3DMarks. If anyone has any suggestions for other benchmarks that could be run or other games that have built in benchmarks please make some suggestions. Maybe Prime95 would be worth a bench.

    We are also looking to find some way of comparing Quad vs Dual in general Windows tasks, the mundane ones.

    Both of our gaming laptop specs are

    4GB DDR3 RAM
    500GB 7200.4 RPM HDD
    Official Nvidia graphics drivers 186.81 WHQL

    My gaming laptop has the 2.0 Ghz Core2Quad Q9000 and his one has the P9700 2.85 Ghz Core2Duo. Everything is at stock clocks and nothing is over clocked or modified.

    (Please disregard the mention of comparing XP SP3 since that was an old general gaming performance bench I did with arbitrary settings and we are no longer comparing that).

    Results can be found here for anyone who is interested http://tinyurl.com/Mobile-Quad-vs-Mobile-Core2Duo

    Results are being added as the benchmarks are completed and verified, feel free to make any suggestions.
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