1st N3DS EmuNand to 2nd N3DS SysNand System Transfer: It transferred my Sysnand instead my Emunand !

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    Hello guys, in first, sorry because this case is hard to explain so very long text and my English is not perfect...

    I have a big problem, today I made a system transfer from my 1st N3DS Gateway Emunand 10.5 (unlinked emu/sys) to a 2nd N3DS Stock Sysnand 10.5.

    In one word, instead Emunand System Transfer from my 1st n3ds to my 2nd n3ds Sysnand it transferred Sysnand from my 1st n3ds to my 2nd n3ds Sysnand ! And not only the data from my 1st n3ds sysnand, but all my system settings too !

    I well launched the system transfer from GW Emunand 10.5 and not from my Sysnand 9.0.0, also in theory it's impossible transfer my Sysnand with my config because the Sysnand of my 1st n3ds is on 9.0.0 firmware (no spoof installed etc. etc.), so need an update to transfer.

    Config is unlinked Sysnand 9.0.0/GW Emunand 10.5 on my 1st n3ds and full stock Sysnand 10.5 on my 2nd n3ds.

    The Emunand of my 1st n3ds I wanted to transfer to my 2nd n3ds was from a previous Sysnand system transfer from an old3ds I transferred 1 year ago (Sysnand old3ds>GW Emunand 1st n3ds), then I unlinked my 1st n3ds Emunand/Sysnand.

    So my 1st n3ds have on sd card Nintendo 3DS/id1/subid1 and Nintendo 3DS/id2/subid1 folders.

    The problem today is when the transfer finished between my 1st n3ds gateway Emunand>2nd n3ds Sysnand I copied all sd content to the new sd (no choice when transfer between 2 n3ds, no wireless transfer only sd move or copy) and all my Emunand content is now unrecognized on my 2nd n3ds.

    It's because the System Transfer copied all content from my 1st n3ds Sysnand to my 2nd n3ds Sysnand, same if I system transferred my 1st n3ds Sysnand to my 2nd n3ds Sysnand, it's just unbelievable !

    I checked my sd card and I don't know why the System Transfer transferred the Sysnand id folder of my 1st n3ds instead the Emunand id folder of my 1st n3ds with all my content, so now I can't use my content from my 1st n3ds emunand on my 2nd n3ds Sysnand because the master folder id is different, even if I rename folder etc. it make a new master folder id with the same id than my 1st n3ds sysnand or if I force use my content into the master id folder I have all data corrupt...

    I have now on my 2nd n3ds sd card Nintendo 3DS/id1/subid1 folders from my 1st n3ds Sysnand instead Nintendo 3DS/id2/subid1 folders from my 1st n3ds Emunand.

    So I can only use my Sysnand content from my 1st n3ds, but I don't care because I never used Sysnand on my 1st n3ds, I want my content and save data from my 1st n3ds Emunand with street plaza etc.

    My nnid was well unlinked from my 1st n3ds and well linked to my 2nd n3ds but not logged, so I logged manually to restore all my purchases but I lost all my streetpass, exdata etc. etc. all is corrupt if I use my Emunand content.

    Anyone have an idea of this issue ?

    It's maybe because an Emunand system transfer to a Sysnand on n3ds need relink before the transfer ?

    At final result, it was the same thing if I system transferred my 1st n3ds Sysnand to my 2nd n3ds Sysnand instead of Emunand to Sysnand...

    For info I have a full backup of my Pre-transfer emunand.bin and full SD backup.

    Also I can't retry a transfer for 7 days.

    Thanks for reading.

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    It is still very hard to understand what you told... but I understood your post anyway.

    I just want to confirm:
    1) You ran system transfer from emuNAND's setting menu without exiting/re-entering right?
    2) Were you using custom CIAs on emuNAND and cheats on street plaza?

    It could be that Nintendo has implemented some checks that does what happened to you.
  3. NgXAlex

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    Feb 4, 2013
    Thanks for your reply. Yes sorry it's hard to describe + my not perfect English...

    So, for the 1st, yes, direct transfer after entering Settings menu of my GW Emunand.

    But if it was Sysnand I can't transfer because no Sysnand is not updated, so I think a Sysnand transfer was not possible ?

    For the 2nd, yes before the Emunand system transfer I deleted the cia I have, only SaveDataFiller and an non legit cia eshop game.

    No cheats at all.

    The strange thing is, not only the content of my 1st n3ds Sysnand was transferred on my 2nd n3ds Sysnand, it also transferred all settings from my 1st n3ds Sysnand ! An example, on my 1st n3ds Sysnand the system date was not updated while my Emunand have the correct system date, and after the system transfer my 2nd n3ds have the same system date from my 1st n3ds Sysnand !

    A real Sysnand to Sysnand System Transfer instead an Emunand to Sysnand System Transfer.

    Seriously I don't understand this strange bug, or as you said, maybe some checks added when transfer between two N3DS ???

    Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, I can confirm this problem.

    A transfer from N3DS Emunand to N3DS Emunand is not possible. While everything in the process seems good and completes until the end, it messes many things up. I didn't understand this at first, but after a few hours and a cola, Im almost sure that this doesnt work as intended.
    I'll refer the first N3DS 1.N3DS as source system and the second N3DS as 2.N3DS (target)

    -1.N3DS and 2.N3DS start from Settingsmenu with the GW-prefix launching the system-tranfer. Same region, same Emunand-fw (10.5)
    -1.N3DS asks for NNID password to delete the information out of the system. || 2.N3DS is waiting for a Sourcesystem
    -Transfer begins and completes successful all 5 steps after a while. (~20mins for me)
    -Both console shutoff and reboot into sysnand.
    ===I won't explain the copy/move sdcard with emunand partition procedure, it should be clear===
    -Booting into Emunand from 2N3DS, it uses all the crypto information from 1N3DS SYSNAND!!!
    That means: SD:/Nintendo 3DS/<id0>/<id1> is now the same on 1N3DS Sysnand and 2N3DS Emunand

    After opening E-Shop, it errors out with 011-3136 error. E-Shop reopens asking for NNID login and then succeeds. So NNID transfer was not successful but manageable.
    I immediatly restored a Emunand backup, so the games+saves are back on 1N3DS.

    Its incredibly lucky, that the deletion of NNID does indeed work, else it wouldn't be possible to login to the eshop after system tranfser. My 1N3DS Emunand is now offline only. It refuses to connect to Nintendos server.
    2N3DS has my purchases again and working NNID, but no savedata, only bought games.

    Conclusion: Don't do it! Make backups with SaveDataFiler and install all CIAs again. Maybe XOR-Padding the NANDbackup and swapping files will help. If I hadn't had backups before the Systemtransfer, all my data were lost forever...

    This problem should get more attention to save some people trouble and Games/Saves.
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