11.6 eu 3ds wanting access to eshop without updating to 11.8

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    Hi everyone, so we must all know by now that the recent 11.8 update was a massive slap in the nutsack for us all.

    I never updated to 11.7....so, i'm on 11.6 and REALLY don't want to update to 11.8. In fact if there is no way round it, i won't. I'm also going to stay away from freeshop now, just in case I have to update to 11.8 at some point

    So I was just about to install tikshop but thought, shit, I can't access the eshop....

    So, my question is, is there a way to spoof the eshop into thinking you are on a higher firmware?

    Thanks in advance guys....and good luck.....
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    IDK if there is a way to spoof on these higher firmwares but if you REALLY the feeling of 11.8, just make a sysNAND backup on godmode9 so you can always restore it and downgrade back to 11.6 if you dont like 11.8. Also, the freeShop only sends bad tickets to the server on SLEEP downloads, so technically if you do normal downloads you will be fine.

    If you DO use sleep downloads on 11.8 freeshop you may send a ticket and COULD BE banned in the future!

    Spoofing is just not worth the time imo. You must choose between 11.6, (POSSIBLY 11.7 if you find a way to update there) and 11.8

    (YEAH, I did that warning just so i could use that cool warning box)

    If you must just use the freeShop on 11.6 and do normal (not sleep) downloads. They still work on that Firmware AND 11.6 doesn't send tickets to the server anyways so you are fine. As for the eShop, you will have to consider upgrading.

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    P.S: You could also just not use the freeShop / eShop at all and install cias with FBI (it still works you know)
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    I want eshop access on 11.7 to check which software I bought (and redownload it there so everything has a legit ticket) because I just don't want to get banned also idk if I really want to update. I found guides on the internet about updating NVer and stuff but they are all at least 2 years old so I guess they might not work with 11.7(/11.6). I could try them but I don't know how that emunand stuff works so yeah...