10 Pictures Let You Know More About China

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    Oct 18, 2016
    Author: Jian Zhang, Weichong Wang, Geng Li, Zhe Sheng

    1.Chinese people learn kungfu to benifit their health, not for fighting.
    2.From a western perspective, it’s difficult to understand and accept the traditional Chinese Medicine, however,
    "the trick”helps to keep your body healthy.
    3.In people's mind, China still looks like China Town in America,however, every city in China has their own "5th Avenue".
    4.Most Chinese people think American education is better, once they become wealthy,
    they hope to send their children abroad for better education
    5.A major misunderstanding of why Chinese people are loud in a restaurant isn’t because they are arguing,
    or angry, it is because they are happy and enjoying themslves with family or friends.
    6.You may think there are a lot of corrupted officials in China,but in reality, out of 80 million members in the CPC,
    the amount of corruption is very small.
    7.The elderly in China are used to take care of their grandkids. They enjoy what they do and are happy with that,but sometimes people will misunderstand that the kids' parents are neglectful.
    8.In China, our tips are paid in gratitude, not with money.
    9.Many Chinese people don't have credit history,because they are not used to the life with debt.
    When they need money, it will be hard for them to get loan.
    10.Because of custom duties and manufacturers’ sales strategy, a lot of products, which are made in China, sell at lower
    prices in America.
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    Personally I quite liked https://www.youtube.com/user/serpentza/videos and some of the people he works with for learning more about life China.

    Anyway most of that seemed aimed at the stereotypical ignorant American.

    1) How many people do boxing or similar with no desire to enter a ring.
    2) They could have explained the traditional medicine concept of keep the person healthy and then payment stops until they are better. Either way homoeopathy is not hard to understand.
    3) I found the following to be amusing

    4) Is it a thing people think?
    5) Are you supposed to eat in silence and speak in hushed tones? Also being loud in such places is a stereotype of Americans which makes that even more amusing.
    6) I suppose if you are the ones defining corruption...
    7) This one does seem to be a more American thing I guess. I once read a very entertaining, supposedly informative but I mainly found it entertaining, called American ways that went into some detail in things like this.
    8) I suppose it helps if you come from a place where they pay a wage worth speaking of to all staff.
    9) Again this is quite the American thing, or at least the part where you have to build a history (a lot of other places are more like any bed debts in your past, reasonable chance of being paid back/paid interest, we're good). Sickens me really but it is what it is.
    10) I am familiar with some of the interesting things which happen in Hong Kong but I had not heard of Chinese nationals going stateside for this sort of thing
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