10.3 sysnand N3DS - eshop titles after downgrade

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  1. Suthek

    Suthek GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 13, 2015
    EH, BC

    Background info:

    I have a clean 10.3 sysnand N3DS.
    Never jailbroken or emunand'd or anything.

    I have another N3DS, O3DS, 2DS. All of these have been downgraded and RXtooled. So I know how to do that stuff. not an issue.

    Why not this New 3DS XL machine?
    It has some eshop purchased titles and save data within those eshop titles.

    When 10.4 came out, and subsequently 10.5, I refrained from updating as I was thinking about doing the whole RXtools thing on this machine.

    I have a GW card. I have a Sky3DS blue button. (in the event either can be used to help.)

    My main questions:
    If I downgrade this 10.3 machine to 9.2 (using the webhax/menuhax updater tool), will my eshop titles still work?
    One step further, once I copy this 9.2 downgraded sysnand to emunand, will it have my eshop titles? and will they work?
    One step further, once I format my sysnand (after making the emunand.) will the eshop titles still work in my emunand?

    2nd option,
    If those are questions ultimately are answered with "no",
    How do I export my saves from the clean system?
    I know I can export/import using savedatafiler cia when in emunand but i don't know how to extract my saves from the eshop titles prior to doing the cfw/emunand.

    3rd option,
    is there a .3ds version of savedatafiler I can run using GW mode in Sysnand?

    4th option,
    ???????? Profit. (open to ideas?)
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  2. SomeGamer

    SomeGamer GBAtemp Guru

    Dec 19, 2014
    Most of them will work.
    If you update emunand, they will all work and all of them will be on emuNAND. If you won't update emunand, all will be there, but some may not work.
    Yes, if you update emunand. If you don't, most of them will still work.
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