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Hello, GBAtempers! Welcome to our official group here on GBAtemp!


Software, documents, and other material featured in the Rock Band Customs GitLab repo, in our Discord server, and in this GBAtemp group shall remain free. While some of the members here may accept donations for other works outside of Rock Band Customs (even if it is Rock Band or Harmonix related), HarvHouHacker does not accept donations for Rock Band Customs, and those who contribute their works to the Rock Band Customs Project do not get funded for doing so.

We are not directly affiliated with Harmonix, its subsidaries, its parent companies, or any of their partners, and thus are not paid for our work with customs. Rock Band and its related material is under copyright, but custom songs and software for such are considered homebrew. Homebrew is, and should always be, free of charge.

Where copyrighted software is concerned, we encourage that people pay for such software. We do our best to encourage people to buy the DLC legitimately. For concerns over DLC and Rock Band titles that are no longer available, PM a Project Member.


You CAN share the following types of content:
  • Custom-made songs and hacks shared by the Rock Band Customs Project, or custom content available elsewhere that is completely user-made.
  • Software that breaks encryption on Rock Band discs and allows the ability to extract and use the on-disc songs as customs for personal use.
  • Homebrew that intentionally exploits consoles in order to modify Rock Band and add DLC .

You can NOT share the following types of content:
  • Official Rock Band DLC, via direct upload, links to sites that offer it, or software that downloads it from console servers.
  • Rock Band disc ISOs, WBFSes, or other format, in full, partial, modified, or otherwise.
  • Anything not directly Rock Band related (i.e other games by Harmonix, other music games, etc.) except in channels where that's allowed. You won't necessarily get banned for this, but it's not needed in this group and can clutter threads. We don't even recommend this in off-topic threads that we allow (i.e. "casual chat"); please discuss these things elsewhere on GBAtemp.

Never sell any content, regardless of whether it is being sold or not. Do not link to sites where you may buy any of this content illegitimate, or buy software intended to be free. This will result in a permanent ban. To understand what all is allowed on GBAtemp, please read their Terms and Rules (particularly the "warez" section).

External Site Links

  • Official Website: The Rock Band Customs Project main site, where you can find links to all the available resources needed for hacking Rock Band games in order to add custom content.
  • GitLab Group: The group on GitLab is where you will find repositories of most available software for hacking Rock Band titles on the Wii, Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and other consoles, as well as for popular emulators like Dolphin and RPCS3.
  • Discord Invite: The official Discord server for the project, recommended for live assistance and deeper connections to project members and hacking materials.
  • Rock Band ScoreHero: A very neglected thread. Most things on that site are broken due to using outdated phpDD forum software and wiki software that is no longer in development, but regardless we have a thread there for the curious ones.

:teach: : Trying to find software? GitLab repo software and relevant links for specific consoles can be found in their respective threads.

:!: PLEASE NOTE! As of December 15th 2021, we will not be recommending links, software, or custom songs from Rhythm Gaming World or the C3 database, however we will not delete posts by normal members which contain such links. If you insist on using C3's material, we recommend going to the homepage and doing a search or asking in the forums.[/b]
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