003 Korea bricked Wii, can´t swap

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    Jul 11, 2013
    hey there

    i got a briked korea 003 wii that is 4.3U when i use the gamecube controller dpad press.

    I had an iso burned for many years of super smash bros brawl PAL for wii, and i know its the patched one because i inserted the dual layer disc and checked using another Wii in usb loader and the name showing for the disc is

    then i also had a burned Dora- Crystal Kingdom, patched because i enter using another wii using usb loader and the name of the disc is also SwapDisc-PWNS

    so i boot Dora - crystal kingdom and it boots.
    i press HOME
    then i press eject button to take the disc out in order to put smash bros bral pal.
    As soon as i press the eject button i get a black screen message telling me please insert dora crystal kingdom disc, and i can´t press anything until i insert the same disc again, nothing responds

    so im not sure how can i do the 003 if i pres HOME and eject