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    What is the recommended PS2 DVD burning speed?

    What is the optimal burning speed for a PS2 DVD?
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    PS1/2 ESR detects a game as DVD Video

    I have ESR installed on my PS2 7xxxx. I've burned GTA:SA for it at the speed of 2x. But when inserted it is detected as DVD Video by ESR for some reason. And the thing is that it used to work perfectly. What went wrong? Please help!
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    PS1/2 PS2 shows DVD player not set up when inserting a 100% working game disc again

    I have ESR on my PS2 7xxx. I've burned GTA:SA for it and the first time I inserted it in the console it worked perfectly but the next time I did so my PS2 showed an error "DVD Player not set up" and ESR just froze on a pink/magenta screen. What should I do in order for it to work everytime?
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    PS1/2 GTA:SA stops working after the loading screen on a PS2 with ESR

    After the loading screen with some pictures the game stops working, popping a black screen. I have Free McBoot on my PS2 Slim 7xxx with ESR installed and I've actually used it here to boot the game. So what could have possibly gone wrong?
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