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    Hacking I have my ps4 on 2.57 anything I can do with it?

    It's been a long time since I have played my ps4 and I am wondering if there is any news about you being able to jailbreak it? I am currently on 2.57.
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    Hacking need some help understanding gateway 3ds

    It's confusing for me as I don't completely understand and just some verification on what they mean
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    Hacking need some help understanding gateway 3ds

    I've read a bit about the gateway 3ds but still confused about a few things. I have a 3ds xl but what is the new 3ds xl ? my firmware is 9.0.0-20E im assuming from what I have read this should be ok to use with gateway? I watched a youtube video and got confused about the omega something...
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    Hacking supercard saves and pokemon

    ok kinda bored about asking people about saves and pokemon games probably be easier if someone could upload a game preferably emerald with a pokemon save to itwhich they can get working from gamefaqs or another site for me ive tried using vba and saving it in there ive tried converting it suing...
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    Hacking nooob question

    ok got pokemon usa version and i got palk wii it asks me to update wii i got latest pal 3.03e ? update if i click ok on the update will this brick my wii also is there any ftp servers i can get games of and upload games /movies maybe ?
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