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    Gaming REQUEST: Can someone point me in the direction of the following game update NSP files

    Lego DC Villains Update Mario Kart 8 Update 1-2 Switch Update Zelda BOTW Update Super Mario Oddesey Update If someone could point me in the directions of these id be extremely grateful
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    Homebrew Question System settings on my switch has stopped working help!!

    Need some help guys I’m on 6.1 and the latest sxos 2.3 but my switch crashes wen I press system settings does anyone know why? I need it back so I can add WiFi etc please help
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    Gaming Custom theme help?

    Hi guys i have the latest SXOS firmware and the latest switch 6.10 firmware can someone help me i want to add a custom theme is this possible? if so how?
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    Hacking donload saves?

    i have a fire card 16g anyway last night i added the new firmware to it N-Card Firmware 1.45 and Xmenu 2.53 (internal test version) and it runs fine but was just wondering if you can download saves for games using this??????
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    Hacking is there a soft reset for N-Card Firmware 1.45

    anyone know
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    Hacking fire card question 2 plz help again

    i have a 16g fire card running firmware 1.23O can i upgrade this firmware if so how and what firmware do i need i basicly want a flash 4mbit save type plzzzzzz help desperate to play zelda
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    Hacking i have a ds fire link card 16g plz help me

    i have a ds fire link card 16g plz help me so i can make it save 4mbit for zelda plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Hacking fire card plz help

    i open it up on my screen but when i go to load up either a game or anything else the screen goes white can somone notice anything ive done wrong in this pic???????
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