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  1. bootaholic

    Hardware Tracking down a short to ground

    I've got a switch which had the USBc absolutely destroyed on it. Pin 18 and 6 (VDDIO and VSVR) on M92T36 are shorted to ground which I'm fairly certain should not be the case. The cap above P13USB is also shorted. I've removed P13USB, M92T36 and BQ.... Without any change to the short to ground...
  2. bootaholic

    Hardware V2 Switch... New model, same issues.

    Welp, I bought a-lot of consoles and have one with a peculiar issue. Switch boots to the first Nintendo logo but then shuts off after. Watching the charge rates, it will charge at 0.42a, go to zero like usual but then go back to 0.42. at that point the screen is still black and obviously has not...
  3. bootaholic

    Hardware Switch won't fast charge

    So console had a bad charge port - lots of shorts all over the board as a result. The P13USB was bad as well as the M92T36. Replaced port and both chips, console charges and projects to TV but doesn't fast charge. I'm thinking the BQ chip may be the culprit. Any thoughts? Sent from my Pixel 2...
  4. bootaholic

    Hardware Shorted CPU cap removal

    So, whilst going through a pile of broken switches I stumbled across the issue I dread the most - a console which charges at 0.42A but does not power on. Inspection showed several shorted capacitors directly behind the CPU, indicating some kind of CPU related issue. I decided to try removing a...
  5. bootaholic

    Hardware Vconn input to M92T36 Explanation

    I'll admit when i'm out of my comfort zone... this is one of those times. Working on a console that is unfortunately liquid damaged. Initially did not have any charge; cleaned corrosion and now get the usual 0.42A however, no boot. I've seen this a few times, usually not able to fix them (I...
  6. bootaholic

    Hardware Switch won't boot - changing EMMC

    Just picked up a switch from eBay - I usually hope for the hardware fixes as I'm not too knowledgeable with the software side... Unfortunately this one seems to be software related. Either way, looking for some guidance. This particular console does not power on however, it charges at the...
  7. bootaholic

    Hardware Documenting my Switch Repair Journey

    Hello everyone. I've taken an interest in the Nintendo switch recently and like many of you on here, am somewhat inclined to fix stuff and enjoy a good troubleshoot. So, I've decided to start buying broken switches. So far I have been able to fix 3 different issues, the first of which being a...
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