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  1. cholaloula

    Selling all my videogames collection / Spain

    Hello fellow gbatempers, I've been a part of the silente majority for a lot of time, I've been a gamer for a lot of time. I followed with emotion a lot of news, participating to the forums in the end. Now, for personal reasons, I sell all my videogames collection. A lot of stuff I really cared...
  2. cholaloula

    Hacking 2.3 switch here

    Hi everyone, I went away from the scene for a long time now...i let my Switch waiting as I wish to have coldboot one day (thx SciresM), anyway I wish now to have the possibility to use Atmosphère with my Firmware Version (I know, No Mario oddissey, etc.) But all Guides I see are for superior...
  3. cholaloula

    Hacking 3.0.0 mandatory?

    Hello everyone, I'm not very technical but try to follow news and I've got a question without answer for now. I watched the 34c3 speech (very interesting, funny, and informative by the way) and I,'m wondering... If I have a 1.0.0 firmware no webkit access except puyo puyo jp version. The smhax...
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