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  1. darkangel5000

    Gameboy Color Button A not working

    P10 is just a test pad. But the via for the a button is right next to it and emerges again somewhere above the U10BE silkscreen marking. If you have continuity between the button pad and those vias, it could be a problem with the CPU CGB, where it directly connects to pin 125 if I'm not mistaken.
  2. darkangel5000

    Hardware Restoring bricked Wii w/ hardware programmer

    Hey there! I have a 'small' problem with a broken Wii I own: I have the (supposed) keys.bin from bootmii, but not a full NAND backup. On the other hand, I've got two older (4.2E Boot2v2, 4.3E Boot2v2) and two fresh (4.2E Boot2v4, 4.3E Boot2v4) NAND backups of my other Wiis which are working...
  3. darkangel5000

    Hardware Switch won't turn on

    Welp, did you manage to fix this? Usually you can't just shove a BGA-component back to where it sat in the beginning. I'd suggest you get the capacitors and resistors from Aliexpress. Usually they're a lot cheaper than those found at farnell or Reichelt Elektronik and you can even get like an...
  4. darkangel5000

    Hardware Functional UK 2DSXL with US Motherboard?

    You've got a few possibilites for the blue light + pop. As for the most probable ones judging by personal experience: - You hadn't grounded yourself before handling the boards and fried them - Some component like the screen isn't seated properly in the connectors - You have a 'soft'...
  5. darkangel5000

    Homebrew Question Unable to install big games or updates with Goldleaf or Tinfoil

    Had the same issues with current versions of Goldleaf. Downgraded back to Goldleaf + Goldtree 0.2, works like a charm.
  6. darkangel5000

    Why ppl in the West are so racist

    Isn't that basically what you right-wingers say about everyone with a darker skin taint than a Tyrolean that tries to settle in the US? :^)
  7. darkangel5000

    Hacking Error Code with Tinfoil 2345-0031

    Have you tried to delete the whole tinfoil folder from your SD? Also, just out of curiosity: Why are you launching the RNX payload through Hekate?
  8. darkangel5000

    Why ppl in the West are so racist

    Said the guy living in a country born out of immigrants. WOKE/10.
  9. darkangel5000

    Homebrew RELEASE Switch homebrew team 2168-0002 releases dedbae xci2nsp: A smarter, faster XCI to NSP converter

    This. I've got a bunch of XCIs that are easily converted to NSP with 4NXCI yet XCI2NSP seems to throw errors left and right. Is there anyway to bypass these checks to a certain degree, so it'll still continue with the conversion? Edit: It just got better - the NSPs that went through are...
  10. darkangel5000

    Pqube announces Omega Labyrinth Z localization has been cancelled

    >Pass Criminal Girls 2 >Pass both Gal*Gun and Gal*Gun2 >Deny Omega Labyrinth Z I don't know man, looks like horseshit to me.
  11. darkangel5000

    Order TX Modchip in Germany.

    They don't provide Paypal, because their account would get nuked into oblivion (sale of counterfeit goods/devices that allow copyright circumvention/...) and with it their funds. Shop01Media has top notch customer service. Ordered a CR4 two years ago which didn't work and had a new one in hand...
  12. darkangel5000

    Hacking Wii Shop Channel under 4.0E

    Wow lad, that's one old topic you dug out. Stub IOS are practically non-functional IOS, that were rewritten with 0s by Nintendo. More often than not it was used to disable the use of cIOS. There was also IOS60 which was later on stubbed, if I remember correctly and turned your Wii into a brick...
  13. darkangel5000

    ROM Hack How to convert .rar files to .nds files?

    Are you all like... really unable to read? The OP states that "all those games are in .rar files; but I don't find any .nds files in it." OP even uploaded a picture, showing the extracted content. @OtakuNoBaka : Just download your games again, somewhere else.
  14. darkangel5000

    Modchip working or not??

    Have you got another IDE HDD? Pop that in and try to power the console on. If it boots, the modchip works proabably just fine.
  15. darkangel5000

    Hacking Someone managed to launch Fusee Gelee from an Android phone

    >Using your phone to exploit your vidya Dam son, reminds me of 2009 when people were able to port the PS3 Jailbreak code to Android devices.
  16. darkangel5000

    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    Purchased from: Local Retailer (Berlet) Purchased On: Nov 24 2017 Serial #: XAJ400210XXXXX Firmware: 3.0.1 System colour: Grey Bundle: No Region: Germany
  17. darkangel5000

    Hacking [RELEASE] Wii U USB Helper, a small eShop for Windows !

    Yeah, nope. The website is totally offline:
  18. darkangel5000

    Hacking ARM11 Exception Handler on O3DS/N3DS w/ B9S and Luma3DS - FW11.5E

    Hey there. I'm getting a lot of ARM11 Exception handlers when using my devices. Just as a bit of a rundown: O3DS: The O3DS was 'hacked' since the dawn of Giovanifys CFW, so Firmware 4.5 I used it a lot with Giovanifys and Palutenas CFW until I thought it to be wiser to migrate to RXtools...
  19. darkangel5000

    Crypto-Currency Ethereum Wallet Gets Hacked

    >researchers relying on raw GPU power in their campuses >CAD designers that need a decent GPU >people that do Blender renders as a hobby >people that have 8GB of VRAM but'll never do anything but using MS Office and surfing on Facebook Are those "intended uses" for a gaming GPU? If so - why not...
  20. darkangel5000

    Hardware [REVIEW] "Switch Safe" Skins

    >mediocre looking skins >$35 Hell no.
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