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  1. Igdirli76

    Gaming Super Card SD Micro SD Pokemon Battery run dry

    Hello, Unfortunately, when loading Pokemon Pokemon - Emerald appears. "The internal battery is empty. The game can be played. However, time-based events are no longer displayed." How can I fix this problem? Games run via Micro SD Super Card SD.
  2. Igdirli76

    Hacking Homebrew on 6.2

    Hello, Bought a Nintendo Switch yesterday. Unfortunately, I also noticed that my switch is patched by serial number. Is it still possible to hack the switch because of the version number 6.2? Will there be anything for these versions in a short time? One last question: If I play my backups on my...
  3. Igdirli76

    Gaming Install Games

    Hello, If I start my Switch with the pyloader and install a game and restart the switch. Is my game after restart gone and I must inject my switch again for play the game ? I hope someone can help me. Ps: Sorry for my bad English :)
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