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    Hacking Discussion Mapping dpad buttons on joycon l4t ubuntu

    Trying to map joycons dpad buttons to arrows on keyboard just need help locating button index in this file Section "InputClass" Identifier "joystick catchall" MatchIsJoystick "on" MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*" Driver "joystick" Option "MapButton1" "" Option "MapButton2" "" Option...
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    Homebrew Discussion Got Oldschool Runescape running on Nintendo Switch (RuneLite, Controller support, and keyboard)

    Got Runescape on switch and not crappy mobile if anyone wants to try it out I can make a guide. heres a video sorry no sound my phone didn't pick it up
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    Homebrew Discussion Possible Nintendo Switch Gamcube emulater using layeredfs and replacing Mario Sunshine rom.

    To replace Mario 3D AllStars Mario Sunshine in LayeredFS Title ID for Mario Sunshine is 010049900F546002 and its Gamecube rom is located in romfs/MarioSunshine/Super_Mario_Sunshine_trimmed.gcm. There is also a .hash same file name as the .gcm file though. It reads { "hash": { "exe"...
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