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    Gaming Weird audio glitch with Horizon Zero Dawn

    Not come across that particular. However the audio is a bit off anyway. With side quest characters calling out to you sounding like they are 3 feet away when they are 50m away
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    AYA-NEO, a handheld gaming PC, claims to be the “most powerful handheld gaming device”

    I prefer the camshell design of the GPD win Max. I've pre-ordered one of those. I'll keep that for a year or two then sell and get the next GPD device.
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    Comment by 'Aftershock' in 'It Was Never As Good As You Remember (Horizon Zero Dawn PC)'

    Personally I love the game but its a poor port. With a 1070ti I made the decision to play at at a locked 30 as per the ps4. For a game like this I think thats preferable to dropping frames all over the place trying to hit 60 fps
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    Horizon II: Forbidden West confirmed not to be a PS5 launch title, releases in 2021

    It a pity its not a launch title. Hopefully eventually it will come to PC.
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    'Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition' launches on PC next month

    I played 30 hours in 3 days from release. I've uninstalled for the time being just to get some normality back in my life for a few weeks.
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    [UPDATE] Epic Games to sue Apple and Google

    Be interesting to see how this one turns out. Big lose revenue for Epic every day its not on the stores
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    Tutorial Internal modchip - SAMD21 (Trinket M0, Gemma M0, ItsyBitsy M0 Express) Guide, Files & Support

    Hope you don't mind I've dropped you a quick pm as I'm UK based
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    What I did is install Retroarch from the homebrew store then installed the nsp. Once I had it all working I just deleted the nro from the switch folder. I can't say intelligently if there is any logic to it but the N64 core was crashing the switch for me prior to doing this.
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    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    Install the retoarch nsp that works for me in SX OS. The N64 core is still not full speed obviously.
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    Homebrew Discussion Switch overclocking released (improved N64 & PSX emu)

    I can see from the comments that some people here are strongly opposed to overclocking their CPU, and that's absolutely fine. Let's remember though guys its personal choice, if other people are a little less risk adverse that's fine as well :-)
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    Homebrew Discussion Switch overclocking released (improved N64 & PSX emu)

    The switch's docked and undocked CPU speed is the same, its only the GPU that runs higher when docked. If you overclock the CPU (within reason) when undocked but leave the GPU at the undocked frequencies cooling should not be a problem. The total SOC power draw would be less than or equal to the...
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    Homebrew Discussion Switch overclocking released (improved N64 & PSX emu)

    Overclocking will obviously have an impact on heat and battery life but at least its nice to have the option, and be able to play with N64 emulation until a dynamic recompiler is released. I'm all for more options :-) Besides I rarely have more than an hour at a time to play these days anyway lol
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    Homebrew Question Xci installer sxos

    Not seen anything like that. Best you can hope for is to copy that XCI to your switch sd card. At the moment there is no way I know to do that directly from external usb. It would be nice if they integrated that option into sx os
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    Homebrew RELEASE pFBA: final burn alpha

    I use that app to FTP in from my phone, do transfers and file management while in bed :-)
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    Homebrew RELEASE pFBA: final burn alpha

    Ha ha thanks for that. If you re-read you'll find I asked if such a thing existed in the app. I never actually requested a feature implementation in this or any other app. No need to let the facts get in the way of a good flame though :-) auto Thanks man that's genuinely useful.
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    Homebrew RELEASE pFBA: final burn alpha

    Guys is there a way to delete roms straight from the app? I'm guessing a lot of people dump the whole romset onto their SD card but 90+% of the roms will probably turn out to be of no interest.
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    Homebrew RELEASE pFBA: final burn alpha

    Thank you for the release. I was playing around with the early build a couple of days ago but will upgrade to this. A couple of quick questions if you don't mind: * To upgrade do we just replace the nro file and leave other files as they are? * Can you confirm the rom paths for the console...
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    Hacking COMPLETED HBL Released for 3.0.0

    Hi Buddy, great work. Is there somewhere we can follow the progress you are making with this?
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    Hacking COMPLETED HBL Released for 3.0.0

    Did you manage to find this nro buddy? If so please share :-)
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    Hacking COMPLETED HBL Released for 3.0.0

    Thanks for this. Which version of FBA is the build based on??
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