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  1. darrysmi

    [Unofficial] Malwarebytes Bootable

    brilliant wok mate thank you. ill add this to my toolbox :)
  2. darrysmi

    Next-gen PS VR controllers revealed

    at least they got rid of those god awful ones from the original PSVR
  3. darrysmi


    flipping superb work matey :) works as you say and now I have HEN.
  4. darrysmi

    Unofficial Android port shown running on a Nintendo Switch

    woop! Now i can play flappy bird on my switch ;)
  5. darrysmi

    Hacking (HENkaku) Homebrew Request Thread

    @Venom Intellect can you change the source link for PSPUAE to the actual psp source?;dl=cat5
  6. darrysmi

    Hacking (HENkaku) Homebrew Request Thread;dl=item454 Here is the source code for PSPUAE, i guess this will be required as opposed to the WINUAE?
  7. darrysmi

    Hacking (HENkaku) Homebrew Request Thread

    A port of PSPUAE would be awesome! Love to play some old Amiga games on my shiny handheld :D,6.html Its already running on Legacy PSP so hopefully should be fairly easy to port?
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