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    Hacking Safe to update?

    I'm running an A9LH'd old 3DS on fw 10.7.0-32E with CakesFW. I haven't updated CakesFW since I set up CFW sysnand (around March). Is it safe for me to update to 11.0? I checked the Cakes repository and there doesn't seem to be a release that supports 11.0.
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    Hacking Emunand downgrade issue: same TMDs failing check each time

    Hi folks, I'm following this guide to try and get my OTP and sort out A9LH. Downgrading succeeds every time I try, but attempting to check the Emunand downgrade always ends in 10 TMDs failing the check. Some of them are false positives, but others do not match the SHA sums listed. Specifically...
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    Hacking Updated EmuNAND to 10.4 and now RXTools just presents a black screen?

    Do I need to update RxTools or something? I followed a guide (that I now can't find, of course) but I don't think the version I used was a nightly or anything. Any help? (I use an Old 3DS) Thanks.
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    Homebrew Smealum, Creator of Portal DS/Aperture Science, has hacked the 3DS

    He did a thing
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    Gaming So I accidentally OOT3D

    Started a new game today, everything seemed normal until the cut scene with Link and the drawbridge at the start: specifically, Link had his sword. It'd been a while since a I'd played so I just thought it was normal until Link wake up and this happened. Nothing in my inventory, either. I...
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    Hacking Help! Need to update Wii for WiiU transfer but unable to

    My Wii is currently on 4.2E (it is PAL) and has bootmii installed as boot2. Whenever I try to update, the Wii attempts to but then gives me the error code '32004.' Is there anyway for me to upgrade or somehow install IOS 62 and the transfer tool without upgrading? Thanks. EDIT: Just tried to...
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    Hacking Fail0verflow release more... somethings. These guys. I don't know what's going on but also, I don't care. I AM EXCITE.
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    Hacking Can't get R4i Gold (Non-3DS) to work

    Hey guys, I recently formatted my micro-SD card that I use for my r4, and now I can't get the card to boot. It just gets stuck on the 'LOADING...' screen. The micro-SD card still works, obviously. Using on a 3DS, but it starts fine, it's the latest bootloader. What files should I have on the...
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    Gaming Games worth getting since Jam With The Band?

    Hey Tempers! So I've been out of the loop on DS games since JWTB, since my G6DS bricked. However, I got my new R4 today (Cheeky bit of Wood on it) and would like to know of any games worth 'trying' since JWTB and just before. Cheers!
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    Why do you like Final Fantasy games?

    I've never understood it myself. I liked Crystal Chronicles on Gamecube cause it was real-time, but the rest seem to be just turn-based. (A cooldown timer qualifies as turn-based, thank you). That's pretty boring, IMO, it's not like the Paper Mario games where you can influence how powerful your...
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    So I've been here for 2 years or so. I'm a 3 star user. But I've never made an intro thread... Oops. Anyway, g'day, I'm gnargle, 16, TF2 player, Xbox owner, Ninty fan, Long time flashcart user, DS homebrew supporter, Wii homebrewer and Oblivion LOVER. (It's like my wife). I had a G6DS Real, now...
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    Hacking Any alternate firmware for a G6DS Real?

    Cause updates have dried up and I can't play JWTB
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    Gaming Sonic 4 Game Leak?

    Read here that Sonic 4 has been leaked for both Xbox 360 and Wiiware. Is this true? Did I miss this? Does anyone have it?
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    Hi, So I've been trying to get Guitar Hero 5 working. It doesn't and I've given up on it. The problem is, I had to install cIOS 222 and 223, as well as IOS 56. After this, I tried loading a normal game (Wii Sports) through NeoGamma. It came up with 'Init Drive' as normal, then made this terrible...
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    Gaming What games to get?

    So, I've just sofmodded my Wii. (For SMG2 ) However, I don't really know of any Wii games to "get" now. What say you, oh GBATemp? Cheers EDIT: nevermind, didn't see the essential games list. Feel free to close this thread.
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    ROM Hack Soul Silver on G6 DS Real

    Okay, so I've tried every patch I can find, and not one of them solves the saving problem. The M£ Real, I know, has the same issue, but the patches apparently fix that, but not the G6... Has anyone else got the same problem?
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    Gaming Ace Attorney Investigations

    Hey there, I've just read on IGN that the official UK release for Gyakuten Kenji/Ace Attorney Investigations is the 28 May 2009 (i.e. next week). However, no websites seem to have it up for sale... So does anyone know if this is true or not? If not, what is the date for the Japanese release...
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