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  1. thewarhammer

    Hacking Updating to a specific FW WITHOUT USB cable

    Hi everyone. I have two Vitas, one of them being at FW3.18 (it was used for PSP games only), and I was looking for a way to update it to FW3.60 to use HENkaku. But the main problem is that it's energy/data port is faulty, and it isn't recognized by any PC (tried lots of cables to see if it was a...
  2. thewarhammer

    Hacking Installing A9LH from 9.2, with otp.bin already extracted.

    Hi people, I'm going through something new to me: A friend of mine screwed up the A9LH installation and ended up with his 3DS on the 11.0 FW. I already donwgraded it with the System Transfer method (I guess he's lucky I have two 3DS's) and downgraded again to 9.2, but here's the question. He...
  3. thewarhammer

    Hardware Freezing While Charging Vita simply freezes while charging when turned on (if turned off, it charges normally). Googling about it, I found that many people have the same problem, and many of them stated that it started with the 1.81 update. Obviously I tried all the safe mode options and with another charger...
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