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  1. Hiroshi21

    Hacking Accidentally signed in to my PSTV with spoofed firmware...

    I didn't run any games, or any software and I signed out immediately, basically a whoopsies moment. Am I screwed?
  2. Hiroshi21

    Gaming Animal Crossing New Leaf, Anyone Still Playing?

    I'd love to add any fellow AC:NL players out there, mainly to see if trading fruit and selling it still gets better bells...
  3. Hiroshi21

    I'm baaaaack...?

    Haven't posted here in a while, then I saw that Final Fantasy IX for IOS and PC, so I thought I'd log in and comment... been a long time... So I guess this is a re-introduction?
  4. Hiroshi21

    Hardware Strange WiiRemote Problems..

    I had an Energizer induction charging power and play thing, and for a while my wiiremote was working fine, now for some reason when I use it, the lights start out great, and then fade, and the wii remote motion thing, the cursor I mean, disappears from the screen. I can press buttons just fine...
  5. Hiroshi21

    Change username appearance?

    I've had this account for a while, and was wondering if there was a way to remove the 21 off of my name... I tried scouring My Controls but cannot find it anywhere. :/
  6. Hiroshi21

    Hacking What do you guys recommend?

    I won't lie, I want to buy a flash card for playing DS backups, and if I do, this'll be the FOURTH Nintendo DS I've bought.. I've lost interest in it because I couldn't run homebrew and backups and I didn't have the money and resources to keep up with the latest thing. So my question is, what...
  7. Hiroshi21

    Late...but Im teh noober

    Yep.. Decided to move here after flip-floping from forums.. Hope you guys dont mind.
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